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Help me ! Get involved as a Big Sister Mentor or funder in Sheffield !

As part of Girls Out Loud – The Big Sisters are specifically helping 13 to 16 year old girls by pairing them with individual female mentors from all walks of life.

As always we all want to run before we can walk but the first step is to get a pilot achieved (which, excitingly, has just started in Crewe) from which we can then conquer the NW, UK the world…so what we are doing currently is looking for further funding for other programmes and we are busy approaching both public and private sector contacts asking for money, products services as part of their businesses CSR commitment. The schools we decided to work with will be dependent on where we access the money.So Sheffield could be next ! Alongside the search for funding they have developed the Big Sister Handbook, training course and other support materials. So if you want to be a PROPER TRAINED mentor ,and give something back then<a " contact me at
or visit their website
What are you waiting for !!


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