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Fab tips from Keep Your Forks Faye Smith

Just been to a talk on Building your personal brand and boosting your business profile , by Faye Smith . Lots of fantastic tips for entrepreneurs
1 You are head marketeer for the brand called YOU
2 Focus on figuring out what you love to do ,and then tell people about it,with a passion!
3 Find out what people say about you when you are not in the room…how they describe your positives …how they would describe you to a potential referral…do you need to work on this !! What would you like them to say !!
4 What is the Brand You ?
5 What would make people blow my trumpet ?
6 How could you improve your business by improving your style and image ?
7 Have a relentless marketing plan , never stop !!!
8 Get the best business card you can
9 Update your CV and profile
10 Dress for your pitch and your customers
11 Smile
Those were just a few ….what an inspirational speaker so much in just 45 mins ! Thank you,Faye for the tips !
Now I have to be brave and ask people to help me . If you could
a think about my personal brand ( Karen Perkins Life,Careers and Business Coach )
b e-mail me 3 words that you would use to describe me that is special and unique to me ,and that I can use to build my personal business brand Thanks Karen


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  1. Sian Edwards ⋅


    Hope that’s what u wanted x

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