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Optimism saves lives !!

Did you know that your chance of having a stroke reduces by every point you increase your Optimism Rating !
The Journal of the American Heart Association says there could be a 9% reduction in the risk of serious stroke plus an improved immune system …so try looking on the bright side ! Count your blessings and think of 3 things each day before you go to sleep that make you happy !
Dr Sharlin Ahmed says ‘Avoid Cynical Hostility’ in your dealings with people and this will reduce your stress.
Always think …’how can i help that person ?’
Have you got any good tips for dealing with Cynically Hostile people that you can share ..please leave a comment !!


One response to “Optimism saves lives !!

  1. Clare Slack ⋅

    I would suggest remaining calm, positive and smile! And of course, it would be well worth referring the hostile cynic to a qualified holistic massage therapist. Studies show that one of the key benefits of massage is the body’s reduction in production of the stress hormone cortisol…see the following link.

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