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Twittercoaching swoops into Sheffield !

Twittercoaching for the terrified , Karen helps businesses all over South Yorkshire & the Peak District understand how to maximise the FREE benefits of Twitter to showcase their services and promote themselves to a whole new market !! She shows you all the features, helps you set up and link to all your social media . Sessions are 1 to 1 or for a small team ,so you can ask all those questions about Facebook and LinkedIn ,that you were too embarrassed to admit you forgot first time !!  Worksheets and follow up are provided !

Clients include an Irish Folk band playing to weddings and events in the south of England. ( Coaching provided on Skype !) , a Homeopath, counsellor and web designer .

‘Sales of my webtemplate have increased as my products have been promoted around the world through  Twitter !’

1 or 2 hour sessions are available . Follow the link below for more info


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