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10 ways to eat chocolate without getting fat !

Chocolate is full of lovely natural substances that calm you down, make you happy and improve your mental well being !

So here are some to help you indulge, share it with friends  ,and keep it in perspective

1 Try a different chocolate every week for a year.

2 Buy a little notebook especially for choccy notes

3 Write down your own description of what it smells and tastes like .To do this unwrap slowly and smell the aroma. Keep your eyes shut . Does it remind you of anything in the past …write it down !!

4 Take a small square and let it melt on your tongue . Eyes closed ..again think what it reminds you of.

5 Wrap up the bar … keep it safe for 6

6 Repeat the exercise the following day …have your memories changed ?

7 Invite 4 friends to do the same exercise over a coffee .

8 Make them all try the exercise above and tell you what it made them think about .

9 Make a list of chocolate from your past , then try this again !!

10 Find a new chocolate to share once a month …. google it or find a local choc shop to help   Cocoa in Sheffield and the Chocolate Bar Sheffield sell lots of different flavours and the retro ones .

Some of my faves from the past to try are Caramac, Bournville,Dairy Milk,  Flake, Frys Turkish delight, Yorkie, Galaxy    and from today Green and Blacks , Rococo,Lindor and Chilli chocolate.

Please tweet me yours  @fabcoach or Like me on Facebook at Karen Perkins Business and Life Coach  and tell me what they made you think of !!


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