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Did you know that lots of people forget to tell their solicitors or loved ones where the passwords to all their online bank accounts,facebook,twitter and other unmentionable websites are. This causes those left behind especially kids , problems  day to day, as they cannot access money to live on . A power of attorney would also be useful.

Think about this especially for your business , have you got a plan so that someone could step in and run your sites, and accounts if anything happened to you !

What do you want to happen to your Electronic Footprints?

Electronic footprints are something that most people do not think about prior to their death. Have you decided what you want to happen to your emails? Blogs? Facebook page? What about online banking? Do you have a paypal account? Have you sold an item on Amazon? Where is your bank account information? Who do you want to have access to the information? Do you want it preserved or destroyed? Have you asked someone to take control of your electronic information after you die? Have you made a list of log in information and passwords? So much of our lives are online and will need to be dealt with after we die.

Every website has a policy or procedure that deals with your content and privacy and what will happen after you die. Check the website for details. For example Gmail will release control of your email to someone after they prove that they have the right to access. They will have to prove that you have died, had contact by email in the past, have the legal right (next of kin or designated individual), etc. You can bypass those requirements by giving access to a designated person before you die by sharing the password and log in. Or if you want privacy during life, make a list of passwords and log in’s and keep it in a safe and secure location. Hotmail will delete any accounts after a period of inactivity. Facebook will not grant access but will permit the next of kin or designated individual the ability to delete the page or turn a page into a memorial. Yahoo will not release access to anyone but will allow the account to be deleted. **Check the policies related to your accounts to understand and know what will happen.

So get planning !  has anyone already come up with some good ideas ? Please comment here …



  1. Jill turner ⋅

    Superb advice as a financial planner and will writer this is a much overlooked issue.

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