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Possible compensation source for PIP Implants

Subject: 120113 A thought about possible financial help towards removal of PIP breast implants.

I recieved an e-mail form a collegue Jill Turner
Dear All
I’m sending this group email to my women clients and networking  colleagues in case you know
anyone who is effected by the media coverage of the faulty PIP breast implants, it’s just a thought
has occurred to me.
Chris Choi made a documentary for ITV, Silcion Scandal,  that was screened on Thursday 12th January
and in the documentary  legal opinion was sought as to whether women with faulty implants may have
a claim under contract law / sale of goods.
At the time of writing this email, the programme isn’t on itv player yet so I haven’t had time to look back
on it and I am not legally trained. But in the programme  the lawyer / barrister seemed to indicate that there
could be a legitimate claim under contract law and the sale and purchase of goods.
Now, this just made me think.
I always recommend that people have family legal protection bolted onto their household insurance
policies to cover legal fees where people bring bout a case and have a strong chance of winning.
Included in the cover should be disputes arising over the sale of faulty goods.
If the legal opinion is correct, it seems to me that  worried women should look at their household
insurance policies and ring up the legal helplines to see what cover they have in case they can bring
a claim against the clinic to have faulty implants removed.
Lawyers amongst you may be better informed and I look forward to hearing your opinions.
Hopefully it’s worth a shot, for those with family legal protection bolted onto household insurance policies
to look at the scope of cover.
Hope this may be of help
Jill Turner B.A. (Hons)   FPC
Financial Planner
Working with you to help you understand, protect and grow your assets
Mobile :      07971 005291
Office :       0845 250 1271  or 0161 477 3310
Twitter:      @Jill_Turner_IFA
The Old Stables, 23 Rayner House, Higher Hillgate, Stockport SK1 3ER

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