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Promote your Tech Business and collaborate with Universities plus Funding !!

UK Innovation Forum

Get More From UK Government Funding


Are you giving your company a competitive advantage?

How much investment into science and innovation have you accessed?

In 2011, the government spent no less than £2.5 billion on R&D!

The ESP KTN and the UK Innovation Forum are staging an all day event, on Tuesday 6 March at the Harwell Oxford Campus, to bring you in direct contact with some of the UK’s leading research institutes. Universities and academia are keen to engage with industry through collaborations, access to laboratories and direct licensing of technologies. Find out what these institutions can do for your company here.

We think you will be surprised at the possibilities. Last year the ESP KTN and the UKIF ran similar events linking companies and academia resulting in a range of collaborations.

Areas to be covered are photonics, electronics and sensing and other areas with applications in related industry sectors.

Find out how two companies benefitted directly from this type of collaboration and hear about the opportunities on offer at academic institutions from around the country.

Businesses – Take two minutes to tell us about your abilities, needs and opportunities.

Brokering meetings can be booked online in advance, to discuss the areas the universities have identified to promote at the event. Or book on the day.

For more information and to register, click here.

Please let us know if you would like to pitch your Business or University by emailing


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