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Come and join our Sheffield Netwalking !!

unique FREE networking experience launched last October is rapidly taking off with the next event on Friday 24 February in Endcliffe Park, a change from the usual third Friday to avoid half term. NetWalking Sheffield is the vision of Sheffield born and bred marketing and PR consultant and trainer, Faye Smith.


Faye explained, “One of my clients asked to join me on my early morning walks as it was a great way to clear our heads, get fresh ideas while getting fresh air and exercise in a more informal, creative environment. It was so successful, we decided to invite our business contacts, employed, redundant job seekers or self employed business people like us to join in. Now we have over eighty in the Net-Walk network from solopreneurs to consultants and a bank manager last time, with more booking on each month as word spreads. On December’s festive Net-Walk we had dogs and babies and in January we held upo the walk for 15 minutes to wait for a couple stuck in traffic coming from BARNSLEY! Everyone really is welcome!”


The next FREE Fresh Air Friday net-walk starts 9am on Friday 24 February, about 4 miles up the Porter Valley and back from Endcliffe Park, returning to the park café for a well-deserved optional drink on completion. Entrepreneurs, experts and employees welcome! Meet at the café at 9am, rain, snow or shine with suitable clothing, footwear and business cards.

The next walk on the third Friday of each month will be on Friday 16 March.

To book or for more details, contact Faye Smith at Keep your Fork marketing consultancy or check our Facebook page NetWalking Sheffield

Telephone: 07985 038265 email:


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