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What is Yammer ?

A Social Network for Your Company

Collaborate Across People, Teams, Content, and Business Data


Yammer brings the power of social networking inside the enterprise in a private and secure environment.

Yammer has the same level of usability as great consumer software like Facebook and Twitter, but its applications have been designed for business collaboration.

Why waste time and money trying to mandate tools that your employees resist adopting? Yammer is productivity software that employees love to use.

What you can do with Yammer:

  • Connect

    Connect People Across Your Company

    • Tap into your company’s collective brain. Find expertise, answers, and information across departments, geographies, and levels.
    • Share status updates, ideas, announcements, links, files, photos, polls, events, and praise.
    • Browse coworker profiles, the company directory, and org chart.
    • Access the most relevant content from across the company in one place with Yammer’s intelligent feed aggregation, filtering, and search.

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  • Break

    Break into Team Workspaces

    • Create a dedicated team workspace for a project, department or cross-functional group.
    • Brainstorm ideas, compile notes, share files, and collaborate around shared objectives while reducing the need for meetings.
    • Archive conversations to preserve team knowledge.
    • Choose to notify participants about new conversations by email or SMS.

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  • Create

    Create and Share Content

    • Share, store, and manage content including documents, presentations, images, and videos.
    • Crowdsource the creation of documents in minutes instead of days using Pages, the next-generation wiki.
    • Discover relevant content as it goes viral in the feed.
    • Follow files to be notified about new versions and comments.
    • Share and discuss files from existing content management systems like SharePoint and Box.

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  • Create-networks

    Create Networks for Customers and Partners

    • Create an external network in 20 seconds to collaborate with key partners, customers, and vendors.
    • Toggle seamlessly between your worlds with a single account. Multiple networks keep conversations and content separate.

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  • Access

    Access via Mobile Devices Anytime, Anywhere

    • Stay connected on the go, instantly accessing experts, answers, and the company directory.
    • Post messages, replies, and photos from the field.
    • Download the app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

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  • Integrate

    Integrate with Key Business Applications and Make Data Social

    • Integrate Yammer with SharePoint, Salesforce, Netsuite, Box, Active Directory and many other apps.
    • Embed Yammer feeds inside any business app.
    • Bring activity streams from all of your business apps into Yammer.
    • Take your company identity and profile info with you into other business apps via Yammer Connect.
    • Import Twitter streams and RSS feeds into Yammer to track public discussions about your company.

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  • Administer

    Administer Securely with Enterprise-Grade IT Tools

    • Appoint admins to control the network.
    • Manage users individually, in bulk, or with directory sync.
    • Monitor and export content according to your company’s compliance policies and needs.
    • Analyze and learn how users engage with your network.
    • Customize your network’s design, e-mail settings, usage policy, and password policies.

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