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Come on #Sheffield !! Make it Great in Britain !!

Who is going to enter this

Challenge to find the best new British innovations launched

06 February 2012 11:00

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills   (National)

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Business Minister Mark Prisk has today launched a nationwide competition to find the most innovative pre-market products, processes and concepts the UK has to offer.

The Make it in Great Britain Challenge is open to inventors, manufacturers, engineers, designers, businesses of all sizes, young people and the general public. It forms part of the Make it in Great Britain campaign, which aims to change the image of modern manufacturing.

Judges are seeking entries across five categories that represent the breadth and depth of the manufacturing industry, and highlight the innovation and talent in Britain today.

The winning entries from each category will showcase their creations on a weekly basis at the Make it in Great Britain exhibition at the Science Museum in London, which will coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. Visitors to the six-week exhibition will be invited to vote on their favourite entry. The winners from each weekly vote will feature together in the final week of the exhibit.

Categories include:

  • Make it…Stronger
  • Make it…Smarter;
  • Make it…Sustainable;
  • Make it…Life changing; and
  • Make it…Breakthrough (for 16-21 year old entrants only)

Make it…Breakthrough has been specifically designed for young people and entries can conform to any of the other four categories. Ahead of the exhibition opening in July, members of the public will have a chance to vote on which of the finalists in this category they believe is the most significant innovation, with the winner securing a place in the Science Museum for the entire duration of the exhibit.

Mark Prisk said:

“The Make it in Great Britain campaign is all about transforming the image of modern UK manufacturing, and raising awareness of its importance to our nation’s economy.

“This Challenge creates the perfect platform to celebrate the most innovative and creative manufacturing minds out there today, while showcasing their skills to potential investors, employers and peers who could help kick-start their ideas into real commercial ventures.”

Will Butler-Adams, Managing Director of Brompton Bicycles and one of the campaign Industry Champions, will form part of the judging panel. He added:

“The Make it in Great Britain Challenge will remind us how many fantastic things we make across the UK. I hope it will inspire Brits to put their thinking caps on and rise to the challenge to put forward their very own creative ideas.

“I love to know how things are made; seeing wild ideas move from the back of a scrap of paper to a real product that a customer can enjoy. I hope to have a chance to see some really innovative pre-market initiatives bubble up from established companies as well as brand new talent.

“It will be a privilege to be a member of the judging panel and I have no doubt that the products that come out of this Challenge will be some of the most exciting parts of the Make it in Great Britain exhibition.”

To find out more about the Make it in Great Britain Challenge, please visit

The deadline for entries is Thursday 5 April.

Notes to editors

1. About Make it in Great Britain

Make it in Great Britain is a campaign that will challenge outdated perceptions and transform the image of modern manufacturing.

2. The Business Secretary Vince Cable and Mark Prisk launched the Make it in Great Britain campaign at a stakeholder event in Central London attended by 150 of Britain’s manufacturers and trade associations in November 2011.

3. The categories:

Make it…Stronger – Visitors will be amazed by an immersive hi-tech experience dispelling the myths of Great British manufacturing; reinforcing how key industries are growing and developing durable, long lasting, cutting-edge products and processes and how these are changing the face of the nation’s economic landscape.

This area will also highlight the rich diversity and quality of new Great British manufacturing from 21st century innovations to simple inventions that turn pre-conceived ideas on their head.

Make it…Smarter – This is all about the Great British knowledge bank within product innovation, research and development, demonstrating how markets come to us for expert knowledge and our pioneering skill base. This area will showcase innovative stories and how new products and services are fulfilling needs that previously didn’t exist, from intuitive user technology to inventions that are changing people’s lives.

Make it…Sustainable – Here, visitors will be able to explore the products and experience the stories that highlight how numerous industries have embraced the challenges of sustainability. This area will emphasise how Great Britain is making things more efficiently with a greater lifespan, but with consideration of the overall impact products have on our planet.

Make it…Life changing – This space will allow visitors to look deeper into life around them and see how insightful research creates products that save and enhance lives in society. They’ll also be able to venture into the collective mind of organisations that continue to invent the world on a micro and macro level.

Make it… Breakthrough – This category has been specifically designed for young people aged 16 – 21, and as such entries may conform to any of the above categories. The aim of the Make it… Breakthrough category is to highlight 16-21 year olds that are Great British rising stars, from future designers and engineers to young entrepreneurs creating new and exciting opportunities that make a real difference.

4. For more information about the Make it in Great Britain campaign, go to

5. BIS’s online newsroom contains the latest press notices, speeches, as well as video and images for download. It also features an up to date list of BIS press office contacts. See for more information.


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