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Jill Turner says ‘Just touching base in my other guise as a music
lover and to let you know we’re putting on some music events
on a Sunday Afternoon in the hope that you’ll come along
with your children.   So often great live music goes on after bedtime
( depends how old your kids are I guess )  so they never get
the chance to have a dance about and engage with musicians.’
Hope you and yours can make it over to Cressbrook Club
more details below.

2:30 – TeaTime – The first in a series of live
music on a Sunday afternoon – aimed at kids
as well as the grown ups.

Sunday 10th June  – The  Hut People

Champions of the standing ovation and great fun
to hear live, The Hut People are Gary Hammond
( ex Beautiful South and Nina Simone ) on percussion
and Sam Pirt winner of young folk musician of the year
on Piano Accordian.

Playing everything from Brazilian Porro, Cumbia, Finnish
Tango, Traditional British Folk tunes and anything
in between.

Come and have a dance or just a listen, bar open

Tickets £5 in advance or £7 on the door.
Call or text  Jill Turner 07971 005291

Mobile :      07971 005291
Office :       0845 250 1271  or 0161 477 3310
Twitter:      @Jill_Turner_IFA

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