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What makes a great blog post ? 15 Mums can tell you how !!

Just been to Mums the Boss South Yorks ,and after one of Mo’s muffins we held a Blog in to find out from a group of Sheffield businesswomen , what tips they had for great blogging !

1 Post something helpful !

2 Keep it short ,and easy to read

3 Link it to longer articles on your website etc

4 Drop a photo in

5 Don’t forget to put a link to your other social media and how people can contact you !

6 Ask them to Follow you ….  ( read the help section for your blog provider ..and put it into plain language for them !)

7 Be the expert in your field  in 10 tips,5 ways, etc

8 Get a widget to capture e mail adresses

9 Link posts to Twitter… keep line 1 snappy ..that’s what will appear in your Tweet !

10 Manage your blogging time ..avoid social media anxiety … just a little bit at a time ..some people are pro bloggers & you will never compete !

11 Re-blog

12 Put your blog address in all your marketing material/signatures

13 Post/schedule at a time your readers will be logging in !

14 Follow blogs and people will have a sneaky look at yours …and maybe follow it

15 Above all , have fun… its your chance to be creative so Enjoy !!

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See you next time at Mums the Boss and send me the link to your Blog !!


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