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Made in Sheffield by Novice Baker ..

Just to say I have only been to 2 Clandestine cake events but I have learned so many tips for cake baking ,and this time i dared to design my own, my first time working with with fondant icing ,and home made marble ! Much easier than it sounds ! Everyone is welcome .. its a challenge to design and make a cake … but very satisfying when you see what you achieve at the end …and try all the cakes !


Here is my Vampire cake with fresh raspberry blood under the gravestone !!!

To see more join the Sheffield Clandestine cake group at the website  where you can see photos and book events !

Its all non competitive baking for fun…and you never know where you are going till a few days before , hence clandestine !

CALLING ALL CAKEY OR CHARITY VENUES  we need venues to hold events ( and supply lashings of tea for £3.00 a head for your charity ) … they can be themed to your charity, but you need to keep the venue a secret till a few days before… then publicise like crazy !!!

Contact me for more info  Karen Perkins or 07971 881251

Happy Baking  Sheffield #cakecity !!!


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