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Karen brings Cake club to Sheffield !

Karen brings cake club to Sheffield

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Date: 01/06/2012. Story submitted by: SophieColgate
Life coach Karen Perkins has started a branch of the Clandestine Cake Club in Sheffield.

An underground foodie trend, the cake club was first started in Leeds by Lynn Hill in 2010 with the simple idea of baking, eating cake and talking about it.

The club events happen once a month, at a secret location and are open to anyone from novice baker to pro. As non-competitive baking get togethers, they are a great way to try new things and meet and bond with other cake lovers.

“I’ve always loved cake,” reveals Karen. “When my kids were young I spent years going to coffee shops with them and became a bit of a cake connoisseur.”

“So when I saw someone talking about the Clandestine Cake Club on Twitter I knew I had to find out more!”

“Then when a friend’s son hosted a CCC event in Cornwall she sent me some pictures. The theme was famous painters and there were these really creative cakes with things like Dali-esque clocks dripping off the sides.”

“It was then I got really excited, and contacted the founder to see if I could set up the Sheffield club.”

After filling in some forms and getting the go-ahead Karen hosted her first club in April this year.

“The idea is that each month there’s a different theme to inspire you- so far we’ve had astronomical cakes, and a vampire themed event to mark the anniversary of Dracula’s publication.”

“Once bakers book on they can also bring a guest, and it’s open to everyone from mums through to dads and kids- you just need to love cake!”

So far creations that have graced the clubs table have included black hole cake (filled with chocolate ganache), Galaxy cake with homemade truffles on, a Mars cake with red topping made from blackcurrant juice and a partial eclipse ginger cake.

As well as the baking, there’s the social side as well. “It’s a lovely, non-intimidating way to meet new people,” agree Karen. “And, of course, we all get to try each others’ cake!”

So with such a wide array of baked goodness on offer, just what is Karen’s all time favourite cake?

“That’s a tough question. I do like a lemon drizzle, but I am very partial to a chocolate cake and a Victoria sponge, if it’s made with fresh cream and strawberries.”

May’s venue (revealed at the last minute) was the lovely Honey Pie Tearooms, and Karen is always on the look out for other venues that might be interested in hosting one of the events. “It could be anything from a café to a charity who have a room with tea making facilities and fancy raising their profile,” says Karen.

For now though, the location for the next event is tightly under wraps. What we can reveal is that it will be held on Sunday, June 24 from 3pm. That’s plenty of time to get the creative juices flowing on the theme, which will be Vintage Rose and Lavender Cakes.

Before you break out the piping bags and start practicing your latest creation, there are a few baking rules for cakes being taken to the club. They are that the cake needs to be one you can slice, be it round or loaf, so that means no muffins, brownies, cupcakes, pies, tarts or cookies. Happy baking!

For more information on the Clandestine Cake Club and Karen click on the web links below. To book on the next CCC event email Karen on:


  • Guinness chocolate cake with blood red frosting and homemade roses

    Submitted by: SophieColgate

    © Karen Perkins

  • Karen set up Sheffield’s Clandestine Cake Club

    Submitted by: SophieColgate

    © Karen Perkins

  • Madiera cake with buttercream and homemade jam filling

    Submitted by: SophieColgate

    © Karen Perkins

Web link:


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