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Secret #cakecity venue announced in Sheffield !! ( It’s at Thelmas ..actually !! )

Sheffield – Vintage Rose & Lavender Cakes

Date: 24/06/2012
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Theme: Vintage Rose & Lavender cakes ! Celebrating Summer !
We love Vintage and these 2 flavours are really evocative of this era. Lots of countries around the world also use these 2 ingredients so what sensational tastes can we find !

Look forward to seeing you all there ! 1 or 2 places just back on the market so Book now !!!
It’s £5 a head for refreshments , and a special opening at this special venue !!
Venue: Shhh its secret …… on a Sunday Now its not a secret any more !! Thelmas’s Cafe @ThelmasCafeDeli Cosy cafe, tantalising takeaway and delicious deli. What more could you ask for?! 345 SharrowValeRoad Sheffield S11
Additional venue info: On road parking, may need to allow time to park, bus routes 5 mins round the corner .

Book at   or

See you soon



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