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Clandestine Cake Club National News !!!

Dear Members. Another day another website crash. Once again we had the good fortune of being featured on The One Show recently. I don’t know how many viewers the show has, but it appeared they all tried to hit the website at the same time. We are getting good at restoring ourselves and were back up and running again in far less time than before. WP Cache and PHP were at fault. Yes I asked the same question. What are they? I’ve been reassured that all is now well. On the event front, we have almost 100 published cakey gatherings. and 131 Clubs some as far away as Australia and New Zealand. Some venues are small and cosy and become filled up very quickly, so you do have to be quick off the mark, so make sure you ‘join’ your favourite group and have your email settings to ‘All Mail’. If you have a suitable venue and would love to host an event, where we can buy your teas, coffees and other delectables. Please contact the respecting organiser directly and start planning. The CCC Book is coming along very nicely, I’m sworn to secrecy for a little longer, as to which recipes have made it. I’m taking a keen interest in the Photo shoots which are planned throughout July, August and September. Bake Store are offering CCC a discount see details below. In the meantime Happy Baking Lynn Hill Bake Store are offering CCC members 10% discount. Visit the CCC website and find the Discount code in the sidebar. “ is a family business. We are keen home bakers and wanted to share our love of making cakes, breads and so on with other enthusiasts and hopefully encourage some new people to give it a go”. North Herts – Summer Solstice The date for our third North Herts meeting was chosen because it was the Summer Solstice. After meeting at the family farm we headed up to the top of the Barton Hills on the trailer (armed with cake of course!) to watch the sun set. There are spectacular views … Read online. Clandestine Cake Club’s Wakefield début Clandestine Cake Club arrived in Wakefield with a sugary, chocolatey, buttery bang on 18 June! 12 bakers busted out their signature cakes for our inaugural event, which was held at the marvellous Deli Central, currently in contention for Deli of the Year 2012. Members travelled from as far … Read online. Northampton & District Clandestine Cake Club 16th June 2012 Northampton & District Clandestine Cake Club 16th June 2012 Following the complete success of our very first meeting in May, I was so pleased that bookings for our second event came in thick and fast. By the week prior to the event, I had 24 attendees and just 1 place spare.

Come and join the Sheffield group !!



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