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Cakenic indoors went down a storm in Sheffield! Aug 25th 2012

Cakenic indoors went down a storm in Sheffield!    Aug 25th 2012

Despite having to move our Cakenic indoors, the Sheffield clandestine cake Club event was a real feast! 18 people attended with 13 fabulous savoury and sweet cakes on a picnic theme!

We had bakers and tasters from 8 to 84, and 3 men who bake including a novice baker who made our first lactose free cake in a bread maker!

Here are some of the cakes starting with the savoury ones, plus lots of tips for your baking!!
Our photographers today were Fleur (8) and Hannah  & Chloe. Thanks for their brilliant photos!

Pistachio, prune and salami cake

Made by Christine based on a Rachel Khoo recipe.. these cakes are big in France .. You could do an egg and bacon breakfast cake. It uses oil not dairy, and starts out as a batter mix. This was served with homemade green tomato chutney from Vernon.

Nut and Carrot Savoury Cake

Helen M’s Nut and Carrot Savoury Cake with a hint of ‘marmite kick’, was a family recipe. Grated cheese helped hold it together, but without the cheese it’s a perfect vegan recipe.

Salmon and Lettuce sandwich cakes.

The next cake was a sweet cake that fooled us all into seeing poached salmon sandwiches!!  Helen made Salmon and Lettuce sandwich cakes. She left the edge on the sponge cake to look like crust. The lettuce etc were coloured marzipan, Helen said use fondant icing next time as it keeps its colour. They sure fooled everyone, including the 3 tomatoes!!

Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake

A BBC Good Food recipe with a lime twist by Paul Benson. This had crunchy lemon and lime topping with added zest. A tip to avoid curdling lemon cakes is to use lemon curd in the cake and save the juice for the drizzle topping.

Teddy Bears Picnic Madeira cake

Beautiful decorations ,all crafted from coloured fondant icing which Rachel cut out, coloured and ‘moulded like playdoh ‘ .

Picnic Hamper cake with Strawberries and cream

Jeans cake was made from carefully cut rectangles of Victoria sponge with a fresh butter cream and strawberry filling peeking out.

Lactose Free Date and Walnut Cake

With its yummy maple syrup and walnut frosting, there was not much of this cake left! Our first cake made in a bread maker, it used plain flour with bicarb and baking powder to rise to an impressive loaf shape (‘better shape than my bread’). The glaze included golden icing sugar, cider vinegar walnuts and No 2 maple syrup… the darker one… in case you did not know there were 2 types of syrup! Tip from Andrew first time baker for next time … remove stirring paddle before baking!!

Marmalade Cake

Betsy gave us a fantastic moist picnic ‘loaf cake ‘from the Mary Berry stable, with a twist! It was marmaladeless by accident so the marmalade made a re appearance on the glaze topping.

Chocolate and Date Picnic Rug Cake

Suzanne added date to the Mary Berry chocolate Madeira cake for extra moistness. It was made with butter and cocoa. Her fondant iced the cake, and made the checked picnic rug by colouring icing, cutting out squares and rolling them together into a chequered blanket. Included sandwiches too!

Devonshire Honey Cake

Christine ‘s sweet cake based on a recipe from an NGS Open garden event, moist honey loaf cake with Glitter topping added by Fleur.

Cheese salad sandwich cake

Debs used Victoria sponge for the bread, with a lettuce, cheese and chutney filling, made from apricot jam for the chutney, grated yellow fondant icing for the cheese and green fondant lettuce! The sponge was Mary Berry!

Ginger Cake (Hairy Biker version)

Debs daughter Hannah used powdered ginger, hot water, golden syrup and butter to make this light delicious gingery low fat cake, which starts out as a ‘batter’ mix.

Lemon Drizzle Cake (Lactose free)

Karen took a 5 star Tana Ramsey recipe, added extra lemon (Tip: always read bakers tips under internet recipes on how to improve the original!)  ,and used sunflower dairy free spread , to make this lemony sponge. Adding zest not juice avoids curdle. The topping was castor sugar mixed with the juice of 2 lemons, poured over the cake, which had been pricked with a skewer, whilst still in its tin, and left to cool. It was dusted with icing sugar, and more grated zest.

Thanks to all our brilliant bakers, and guests.

Join us for our next events

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Oct                    Back to the 50’s   Sat 20th Oct 3.30 -5.30

Dec                   Christmas themed cakes    Sat 1st Dec   Time TBC

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  1. Nicola D ⋅

    Very impressive write up. Lovely cakes, salmon sandwiches a real teaser – very imaginative ladies.

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