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Show & Go… Autism Activity Books

A simple activity book has made life so much easier for one family. Mandy and Sammy usually meet up with friends at their local McDonalds. Sammy has autism and often creates an “interesting” gathering.

            “I’ve seen them giving each other looks…” 

Mandy was thinking of finishing with these meet ups because the other Mums have no understanding. She told us; “I’ve seen them giving each other looks… I’ve explained about Sammy and his autism, but they just think he’s very naughty. I’m sure they think I’m a useless Mum and it’s all my fault?”

                 The other Mums are starting to “get it”  


Well, Mandy decided to create a Show & Go book for going to McDonalds and it’s worked a treat. Not only is Sammy much better behaved, the other Mums and their kids have shown a real interest in the books and are starting to “get it”. “It’s great meeting up with the other Mums now…. we’re both enjoying it so much…  and the support from everyone is brilliant”.

Well, that’s Mandys story. Another example of how Show & Go Books are helping families to make everyday activities a lot easier. Click the link below to see examples of the books, including some for adult support.

Autism Activity Book: Visiting McDonalds

(With so many example books to view, it may take longer than usual to load. Please be patient.)

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Show and Go Books
 PS. Special facilities available for parent support groups and professional establishments. Please ask for details.

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