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Childless at Christmas: The Perfect Storm

Childless at Christmas: The Perfect Storm.

10 Top Tips for a #stressfree Christmas !

by Karen Perkins

1  Xmas has not happened yet so you still have a CHOICE about how you are going to enjoy it ! What would you really like to change this year to improve it ?

2 Pick your most annoying relative of friend. Choose to be nice to them this year ! See  what happens !

3 Buy yourself a secret santa present ,that you really love . Place it under the tree as your treat on Xmas day !

4 Go and help someone else instead eg the Archer project. ( google for ideas near you !!)

5 Book yourself a de-cluttering session and take it to a charity others

6 Or teach yourself to sell things on e-bay, and start a way boost your income in the new year !!

7 Go and hide in a deep ,warm bubbly bath !

8 Go with a couple of friends to the oldest , most atmospheric church you can for midnight mass with all the incense etc on Christmas eve    !!

9 When it all gets too much walk round the block , twice if you have too ,it really relaxes you !

10 Invite the neighbours  round on Christmas eve, before midnight obv  ,and keep yourself entertained !

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