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I love this blog because it reminds me to be mindful .

Gateway Women

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One of the most surprising issues that comes out of the woodwork when dealing with unchosen childlessness (and often when chosen too), is the nature, health and continuation of our female friendships.

As someone who spent 15-years expecting to become a mother, but for whom it didn’t work out, I was in such denial about my ongoing infertility that I actually didn’t find keeping up my friendships with mothers all that hard. After all, I was convinced it would be ‘my turn’ one day. But since that day five years ago this month when I knew that I would never be a mother, things have shifted.

You see, if you don’t have children, not only are you living different lives from those friends who’s lives have run parallel to yours for so many years, but somehow you’re also now embroiled in some weird competition against each other… About whose life is ‘better’ or ‘worse’…

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