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Homemade Jam, Labelled with Love, Ready in 25 minutes !

With all the pressures on your time these days, this Jam recipe is perfect for using fresh ingredients and only 25 minutes of your time.  From fruit to jar in 25 minutes !

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The recipe is a traditional one from my ex mother in law who at 93, has embraced modern technology and brought her Jam recipe into the ‘teenies ‘ decade using the  microwave . I was dubious to start with but have found that making microwave Jam avoids all the boiling and hot sugar dangerousness of the old fashioned pan method .Re-using your favourite shaped  jam jars and personalising them for vintage presents that people love as’ home made’ shows a real ‘effort’ and care ! If you want to sell your jam for charity fund-raising or your own business or start up , having personalised labels  really makes your jam stand out and look appealing. You can add all your business details, charity website and photos on sites which sell customised labels for jam and preserve  makers .

Design your own Jam labels

400g chopped, washed strawberries  ( experiment with all sorts of fruit )
400g  Jam making Sugar   ( which already has pectin for setting the jam included )
Juice of small lemon
Small knob ( 1/4 teaspoon ) of  Butter  or Pure ( for lactose intolerant or vegans )
Prepare the following on a clean surface ready to pot your jam
2 – 3 warm Jam jars and lids   ( sterilise by microwaving with hot water  )
3 greaseproof paper circles to pop on top of your jam in the jar
3 personalised  Labels to add the perfect  finishing touches ( Order your own at   
3 Circular jam covers cut from Vintage cloth with crimping scissors  ( 15cm  or 6″ diameter )

Now to make the Jam.. it’s so quick
1 Chop and wash strawberries & microwave for 2 minutes  in deep pyrex bowl ( to stop over boiling later )
Choped washed strawberries
2 Weigh 400g of Jam making sugar and stir into strawberries

3 Add the juice of small lemon or ( 2 tablespoons)

4 Microwave the mixture for  6 lots of 2 minutes on High.  That’s 12 minutes in total. Stir between each blast . Use oven gloves and be careful of the jam as you work  as HOT JAM sticks to your skin and burns .
5 Test for setting  by dribbling a small amount on a cold clean plate held at an angle.

6 Stir in the knob of butter
7 Using a jam funnel or large spoon/ladle carefully fill the jam jars to within 2 cm of the top . TAKE CARE WHEN POURING HOT JAM , wipe off any drips.

8 Pop the greaseproof circles onto the jam surface  & press down gently
9 Secure lids well and leave to cool .
10 When cool, stick your labels on and pop on the jam pot covers. 2 handed approach to pop the rubber band on works best.
11 Enjoy eating ,giving or selling your lovely Jam !

Jam Today

Thanks to Mercian Labels for all the advice on getting labels designed and printed on line !

For Life Coaching and Jam making business coaching with Social media contact me on 07971 881251 or via my website


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  1. Lindsey Nicholls ⋅

    Jam jar covers available from Annies stall chesterfield market stall D7, down middle aisle from Primark main doors, every Thursday and alternate Saturdays

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