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My Top 3 Inspiring Women and what they can teach us ! Get Inspired !

Life coaching is something that people often choose to help them improve their work-life or life-life balance. My recent work includes coaching people around…

Sheffield Life Coach

  • returning to work after children start school or university
  • achieving a healthy lifestyle
  • juggling caring responsibilities
  • working more or less hours
  • de-cluttering or completing a project at home or work
  • choosing a new career or relationship
  • starting a new business
  • dealing positively with stress or issues at work
  • making an opportunity out of redundancy
  • planning successful retirement or downsizing

One question I ask people is

-who has inspired you ?

-what do you admire about them ?

Often this helps people describe things they would like to change or improve !

So here are 3 of the women that have inspired me and my coaching  business !

Jess Ennis The Sheffield Heptathlete

Jess inspires from an enormous poster in Barkers Pool Sheffield

Jessica Ennis, CBE is a British track and field athlete specialising in multi-eventing disciplines and 100 metres hurdles. A member of the City of Sheffield Athletic Club, she is the current Olympic heptathlon champion. She has inspired me to persevere and keep focussed. She has managed to be a brilliant athlete whilst still completing a psychology degree and keeping her feet on the Sheffield ground ! She is a great role model as she keeps fit, exercises and keeps healthy. She is also not ‘stick thin’ and is proud of her athletic body shape. She inspires young women to keep healthy , and be proud of their appearance , in a positive  way. Her coach Dr Steve Peters wrote a book called ‘The Chimp Paradox’ which helps people control the ‘distracting chimp’ part of their personality ,and re focus on the goal ahead. Jess has benefited from this approach and I have used it with my coachees !  Jess is the living proof that the approach can work !

Coaching has given her

  • More energy and bounce!
  • Improved focus and sense of direction
  • Improved self confidence
  • More self awareness and knowledge of strengh
  • Perseverance
  • More motivation
  • More resilience

Karren Brady

Inspirational women

Inspiring Apprentices

Karren Brady inspires me because she has shown that its possible to combine career, motherhood and passion for your interests ,like football . Eeek , football.. its great to see her success in what was then a very male dominated management structure . She started work at 18,and became a company director at only 22. At 24 she was put in charge of Birmingham City football club, and then became the youngest MD of any UK PLC when the club floated on the AIM market. Phew … she seems so calm and takes everything in her stride. Her story of not giving up, and believing that she could succeed in whatever she did makes her a great role model. She appears on the Apprentice and dispenses her comments and ‘tips’ to viewers as she goes along. I often get my coachees to watch the Apprentice as homework, and observe ‘positive and motivating behaviours ‘.

Clare Balding

Inspirational  Women

Inspirational Women

Beginning her broadcasting career in 1994 on Radio 2, Clare Balding began work as a presenter and journalist working on BBC 5Live and Radio 2 presenting sport. She is inspirational as she was an authority on horse racing , in a male dominated world, and drew respect for her knowledge and quality of her commentating and expertise.

She is inspirational as she appears to effortlessly commentate on key events , but with a very personable and human touch. She is a good role model for young people showing how you can be professional and not pushy .Her career has gone from strength to strength, now making her a key figure in the sporting world after presenting and reporting from a range of Olympic and Paralympic Games, BBC Rugby League coverage and several Grand Nationals. She has shown that women can aspire to achieve acclaim and awards including Sports Presenter of the Year, Racing Journalist of the Year and Racing Broadcaster of the Year in 2003.

I love writing and Clare shows what can be achieved having  columns in The Observer, Evening Standard and The Sporting Life, as well completing  her autobiography . It shows what you can do if you put your mind to it.

So if you want to see what Inspirational women can teach you in both work and life then coaching is an excellent way to discover what you want to change and make a plan to get there.

You could also go to hear one of these women talk about their personal experiences in one of their motivational talks. Clare Balding not only does her broadcasting work , but also does presentations , inspirational talks and hosts at conferences. Both Clare and Karren Brady appear to talk about their experiences and passion for the work they do . They are signed up to

You can also book a 30 minute free coaching taster by contacting me on 07971 881251 or

Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am always inspired and energized by other successful women who are unique as well.

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