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10 Tips for Parents to help your kids with Exam Stress

1 Keep out of their face ! Make sure your kids know you are rooting for them whatever their results are , and support them by keeping calm.


2 Don’t panic . Avoid hovering around them and looking agitated. When you drop them off at school , or when they are leaving the house .. well beforehand ask if they everything they need, and just be quiet, ask if there is anything they need .

3 Prepare well in advance … get the exam timetable , revision guides etc at the start of the academic year . Make sure your kids understand what’s expected of them ,and how to revise … its not just writing out endless notes.

4 Have lots of revision treats to hand  Healthy  ( raisins, carrots, dried fruit, bananas,juice water ) & less healthy ( haribos, sugar free gum ). Carbohydrates ie good comforting pasta meals are good for revision .

5 Don’t nag. Tidy up around them subtly removing mugs and plates etc .. a bit of tidying to keep their room or revision space dcluttered.

6 Try and find a quiet space in your home for their revision… or grandparents /relatives home. Its great if they can revise away from their bedroom so they have a nice school free space to relax in. There’s always the school library, local library you ccan use.

7 Bribes !!  Not everyone agrees with this .. ask your kids what would motivate them… maybe a meal out afterwards, a small payment for each exams  etc .I asked mine to tell me first and was pleasantly surprised at how modest their requests were !! One child was motivated by £5 per O level. However treat them whatever happens as you don’t want to add ‘performance ‘ stress.

8 Get a spare calculator and batteries ready… make sure you have enough printer ink & comfy biros   in case of pre exam panics

9 Get the exam timetable  .. don’t book annoying trips to relatives ,or holidays during revision & exams or force kids to go  … ask your employer to let you use your flexitime /leave  so you can drop off or be there if your child is particularly anxious.

10 Read some great advice, with links to good websites  for parent and kids on the Derbyshire County Council website

Finally praise your kids …its not true that exams used to be harder in your time… some A levels cover what would be degree level work in the past !!

If your child finds it hard to be motivated or plan ,then book them some coaching !!

Phone me on 07971 881251 t book a free 30 minute taster.Image


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