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5 ways to include Classical design into your garden and why it will help you relax !

Today’s world is so hectic that people are always contacting me looking for ways to achieve order and relaxation in their lives. They often ask me amongst other goals, to help them plan to de-clutter their homes and to take back control of their gardens, making them peaceful, tranquil places to relax and unwind. Life coaching can help people learn to manage their busy lives and work out what to prioritise and change. Order can bring tranquillity, however that’s not necessarily at the expense of innovation, creativity and wonderfulness.

Classical figure

Classical figure

Choosing a classical style can create a calming effect in your garden. This is true no matter how small or large your garden, you could combine a small distinctly classical area near to your house, with the rest being ‘wilder ‘ and easy maintenance. choosing a few key garden sculptures and lawn ornaments to get  a decorative feel without being cluttered. Easy maintenance gardening using planters allows you to spend more time relaxing amongst the scents !

Classic gardens are all about symmetry and balance. They can be very formal, with strong architectural features, or they can be somewhat softer and more lavishly floral. Neatly manicured, the classic style is often accented by topiaries and framed by distinct edges and walkways. A fountain is often the focal point of this style. Water features provide a soothing sound .

1 Statuary allows you to have one or two pieces with lots of small beautiful detail to catch the eye without dominating the relaxing feel of the garden. The actual design of the items such as Wall Planters, Wall Plaques, Wall Fountains, Bird Baths, Garden Urns and Vases is important as well produced designs will incorporate classical features of proportion and dimensions key to a calming effect. The use of natural materials also adds to the a feeling of realism. It’s also important to get frost-proof models, which stay out all year round without damage . Some suppliers such as Ornate Products work in natural stone and employ designers to create unique realistic classical designs.


A classical garden style suggests a calm and ordered garden.

2 Typical plant types that you will find in a classical garden are delphiniums, lupins, lavender, phlox, peonies, roses, you will notice a theme here of beautiful scents & colours. Draw a plan of your garden, mark on where you want to plant, find out the flowering season of the plants and try and get a range that flower from early spring to late summer. Perennials are best for the relaxed garden as they come up every year & just need pruning. Box parterres and mini hedges are perfectly possible in a small urban garden.

Slow growing roses also offer delicious scents( check with your garden centre for the best varieties ) with low maintenance .

Classical box planter

3 Herbs especially in an ordered layout are a brilliant  feature too  – especially Woody types. For a small classical garden, choose a square planter for your mini herb garden, for larger spaces the lines of different foliage and flowers make a very decorative display, are easy to maintain , smell delicious, can be used in cooking and home made gifts. They can be set within your small box hedges.

4 Accessories are the finishing touches  It’s great to see how naturalistic, and soothing stone features can look  in a classical setting Well positioned planters can really help to transform a dank and dour area of your garden into a more cheerful space.

5 Helpful sources of inspiration

I get lots of gardening tips from members of the NGS scheme . Poptastic Dave opens his garden regularly .he suggested some of the scented planting for this post. The NGS scheme is a great idea as you can relax by going to visit different gardens, and eat cake at the same time  , getting tips for your own garden, plus cuttings and plants. Their website has lots of locations across the UK, and you could pick ‘classical ‘ examples to visit.

Others include National Trust properties , classical locations could be Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire,or Clandon Park, Surrey with its box parterres.

victorian-tazza and parterre planting

For good quality  garden ornaments and accessories in natural stone you could try Ornate products
New products are available all the time .

For more information about how my Life Coaching can help you ‘build a relaxing future’  please contact me on 07971 881251 to book a free 30 minute taster. More details about coaching can be found on my website


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