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5 tips for being a good Leader & how Life Coaching can help you get there !

Here are my  ‘5 keys to good leadership’ !

1. Can anybody become an effective leader?

Leadership is inspiring others to give their best effort despite what they believe to get things done.

I believe anyone can choose to  be a good leader . People lead everyday , in all jobs, roles and walks of life. They may not realise it, and then if you pointed it out might say … oh that’s for the bosses , or I am too scared to be a leader ! When you understand the key skills and qualities needed , you can work towards being an effective leader..if that’s what you choose to be ! Some people may prefer research and project work, so it’s fine to acknowledge that ‘leading an organisation’ or being CEO  is actually not for you . As a manager it’s good to find these strengths in people and make sure they are not overlooked just because they do not want to rise up a ‘traditional’ management tree


2. What 5 main skills do you think it takes to be a good leader?

Ability to have a vision ,and develop a strategy. If you don’t know where you want to be … how are you ever going to get there

Good communication skills, used in the right way ,at the right time

Emotional Intelligence & inspiring others to give their best effort despite what they believe to get things done ( as above )

Bravery & charisma all possible to learn thankfully !! Leading to confidence

Experience and knowledge with a willingness to learn
Ability to make and take decisions effectively

3. Can life coaching help people develop leadership skills? If so, how?

Coaching can help people understand where they want to be & how to get there, by setting goals, unpicking and working on the barriers to achieving these goals by questioning, exercises, visualisation, NLP techniques, a huge range of possibilities ,all tailored to their individual needs. It gives people a confidential space to work on their weaknesses ,and turn them into strengths. Coaching is especially good for Executive development as its a safe environment to face your fears , work through them, and practice new skills safely .

Help people understand the difference between a manager & a leader .

Identify the skills of a leader
-de mystify what being a leader actually means
– look at the skills they need
-surprise them with what they have already
-list the ones that they want & could learn
-build a strategy to get them there
-develop Brand me
-help them discover their inner confidence

Identify any blocks & how to remove or work round them ! I help them think about ….

– It’s OK not to be liked all the time.
– Ability to take decisions
– Ability to manage workloads & keep staff on board & high performing
– Really know yourself
-Give clear direction & purpose
-Be a brilliant networker at all levels
-Know what’s going on & position your team for success
-Be prepared to take a stand
-Able to consider what’s at stake for you & your team & stand up for it
-Help your staff grow & develop in their jobs , building a great team.
-Demand the best from your team
-Realize leadership is NOT about you, its about the needs of the team, organisation & individual . Get over yourself !!

It is really important to meet your coach before booking sessions to make sure you can work together as all coaches have different styles.

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