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Leaving the story behind

Great tips for understanding your feelings and ‘choosing’ to recognise them and move forward in your day !

Gateway Women

Sometimes, I feel a bit sorry for myself. At first, it feels quite good to indulge in it, but after a few minutes it starts to feel like shit. Because then the ‘story’ in my head that goes with the feelings will start up – the one that begins with words like ‘if only’ and ‘what if I’d’ or ‘why didn’t I’ and which all boil down to a fairly core position: Why me?

I feel a bit sheepish writing it, but there it is. The stone in my shoe. The little Jody that wants to lie on the floor and have a tantrum about how ‘things’ have turned out. Even though, most days, I quite like how things have turned out!

I’m in Rome for a few days to meet my 3-month-old  Italian godson. His father and I were together for a while when I was an au-pair in…

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