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You are never to old to publish a novel says Gordon Ramsay Author #silversleuth

As reported by the Sheffield Star !!

He dresses like a Mafia don and shares a name with Britain’s most famous chef.

And when it comes to crime, Sheffielder Gordon Ramsay has got something cooking.

At 82-years-old, the retired video producer has just had his first novel published – a detective story inspired by his time working with police in Florida – and he wants you to make it a, er, hit. Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse.

The thriller, called Have A Nice Day, features an unlikely hero solving crimes in the searing heat, not of Gordon’s native Ecclesall, but Miami. It is based loosely on discussions with American cops enjoyed while he worked with Metro Dade Police Department in the early Nineties when he was making a video to help British tourists stay safe in the Sunshine State.


“I have enjoyed many holidays around Florida since then, including having a holiday villa in the Naples area,” says Gordon, who once travelled the globe working on anti-terrorism training videos commissioned by national governments and law agencies. “Over a decade I came to know the area, its inhabitants and customs well. This book is the result.”

And what a result.

The tome, released this summer by publishers Solopreneur, eschews the usual Jack Reacher-type character best known in the genre and instead makes the hero somewhat more normal: namely, a middle-aged widower.

“I was looking for something different from the conventional macho male leading role scenario, and decided the least likely central character might be a middle-aged widow,” notes the grandfather, who also spent 30 years working as an architect before setting up his hugely successful video company.

And now it’s hit the shelves? He’s certainly feeling happier than his famously bad-tempered namesake tends to. Especially as this writing malarkey was simply a hobby taken up to keep him busy in retirement.

“With nothing better to do, when I turned 78 in 2009, I decided to occupy myself by writing this book,” he explains. “I am an avid reader, especially American crime fiction and thrillers. This was my go at the genre.”

Not one to rest on his laurels, he’s already got two more lined up too.

He hopes you like what he’s whipped up. Capiche?

Have A Nice Day is £6.99 and available on Amazon from July 4 – American Independence Day.



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