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Bloggers ! How will you fund your Dream Goals ?

As a Life Coach I often ask people to make a list of the goals they want to achieve in life, so we can work on their plan to get there.  Some people call this list of goals  a ‘bucket list’ ie things you want to do before its too late ! We look at the whole of their life to get everything in balance. Finance is important especially in these days of austerity, so I do a Mini Money Makeover with them to show them how they can save money or re-prioritize their spending to make their bucket list dreams  happen. Sometimes they see a financial adviser, often they turn to one of the comparison sites to check they have the best deals on their monthly bills and costs, so they can reduce these & and save for their dreams . One example is

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Some are ‘Big Grin Goals’, something you work hard for and save up to do such as learn to hang-glide, start up a business  or visit a long lost friend in Vietnam. It could be buying a gym subscription to motivate you to get fitter & increase you health & wellness.

Others can be small goals in tiny steps such as having a home pamper day each month to treat yourself and improve your wellness and relaxation without breaking the bank .

On my personal list would be

1 Learn to canoe

2 Visit Tasmania and sail around the coast there

3 Learn to make sushi

4 Achieve a million followers on Twitter ( for the right reasons !)

5 Invent a successful new product that saves people money & can be used around the world

You can see what dreams others have had & hopefully get some inspiration. If you blog you could even win a prize for your dreams !

MoneySupermarket want Bloggers to tell them what they want to do on their ‘Bucket List’ so if you run a blog then please post your dreams & goals onto their website via the following Competition  link

Hope to see all your goals there & if you would like some coaching to achieve them please contact me for a free 30 minute taster at 

Make your Bucket List goals come true !

Make your Bucket List goals come true !


One response to “Bloggers ! How will you fund your Dream Goals ?

  1. I used to have an old Korean neighbour who would make me fresh sushi and eggs rolls. I have never in my life had any better. I would literally stuff my face!! I really miss those.

    Good luck!

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