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10 Tips for Measuring the real Effects of Social Media Activity

By Karen Perkins Life, Career, Social Media Coach


1 Being on Social Media & linking it to your website blog etc. will give you results anyway & over 70% of companies don’t bother to monitor so you are not alone.  * The effect builds over time… Be patient !
* You cannot not be on Social media * It’s free *It shows you are modern *It helps drive people to your website

2 Ask everyone how they found you & what could help in future?   Ask when they contact you & on your customer feedback forms. Concentrate on that e.g. Do your customers prefer Facebook ?

3 See how many Likes, comments, shares & followers, Friends, mentions, re tweets & re blogs you get.

4 Measure your performance! Has your business increased after your posts & tweets? What are you measuring it against?
Map your sales/customer trends over a year/ previous advertising campaigns. Map numbers before & after your social media campaign. What had the most effect?

5 Google yourself & your sector keywords. Using these via Social media can help your rankings.

6 Use free Metrics yourself    Free tools
(NB Work out how much time you spend on Social media vs. the Number of customers/sales)
-Google analytics
-Wordpress stats & click throughs
-Facebook insights
-Buffer shows Impact of tweets click throughs etc.
-What else ?

7 Use paid for metrics … but do some Googling & get quotes/recommendations & proposals before spending money. Be clear what you want from a consultant: PR & profile raising or paying customers, and then choose the best company/method for your brand.

Compare the results you get in paying customers with the free tools in 6.

8 Target your ads & posts at the right people in the first place e.g. Facebook campaigns target chosen groups

9 Recommendations & endorsements (less so) mean a lot of free PR for you. So ask for them! E.g. “Please connect with me & recommend me on LinkedIn

10 Relax, digital detox sometimes, enjoy yourself online or finally help an intern from Sheffield Hallam to gain experience of social media marketing for you by giving them a placement.

Happy Tweeting etc.

© Karen Perkins 2013

I would love to help you make the most of Social media with my  

1 Social Media Overhaul   All tailored to your business
look how you currently use social media, what you can improve immediately, and zizz up your profiles. We make a plan for you long term, picking the best platforms e.g. Facebook vs. Pinterest for your business/customers, using all your current, marketing materials/ photos and clips! I link all your accounts & teach you how to tweet, post, link, pin better.
Bring your laptop, I pad & smartphone too! Or I can come to you.
1 hour session £45 including preparation worksheets, 1 to 1 or bring a colleague.    

2 Social media Confidence 1 to 1
I explain all the different social media platforms in non techie language, and how they could support your business plan. I help you use them, maximise your profile, link them to your smart phone and negotiate the web with confidence, whilst avoiding digital burnout! 

1 hour session £45 including preparation worksheets, 1 to 1 or bring a colleague.  

3    Individual 1 hour 1 to 1 Sessions tailored to your needs by arrangement
– Your business up on Twitter in 1 hour, profile, pictures, links and followers!
– Facebook, Linked in, Pinterest, You Tube etc.   Detailed 1 to 1 set up of each platform, and optimising their use for your business plan or Career search

4 Too busy to Tweet ?  Twitter & Social Media Account Management & marketing.   Try my service to set up, and manage Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn & other accounts. I can post for you on a regular basis to build followers Fees negotiable after initial social media confidence session.  See my references on LinkedIn.

Please contact Karen Perkins Life, Career, Social Media to discuss any questions you may have, and to book a session. 07971 881251, via or

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Karen Perkins is a Life, Career & Social media coach, based in Sheffield in the UK, coaching 1 to 1 in S York’s & the Peak District & by Skype virtually everywhere else! With a Degree level coaching qualification & over 20 years’ experience of managing & leading staff teams, working in the public & private sector , Karen is passionate about helping people build their confidence to discover & achieve the right choices and goals for them. She loves innovation, creativity & new technology & helping people use it confidently for themselves, in their careers & businesses! She also loves cake, running the Sheffield branch of the Clandestine cake club. She loves motivating people to start up new businesses. She has helped her son market his Website template business globally & fund his Uni fees himself! Karen offers a free taster session so people can discover how coaching can help them!

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© Karen Perkins 2013


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