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Get yourself on Google+ asap

What’s all the fuss ? 

Basically… Getting noticed on Social media is all about people liking your content & sharing it with others and on & on hopefully! Google+ has load of features to help you do this ! Take a Google tour too!
1 Get a Gmail Google account & Log in   View & follow mine at
2 Click on the  +K   or the GRID on the top bar and you are in Google+
3 Complete your profile  Think about your business focus with personality like Twitter
4 Set up a page for your business
5 Set up some circles & invite people to join.. my circles are shown in the picture in 8 below

What is Google+ and why should you use it ?  Thanks to Mark Tillison

Overview & tips

6 Hangouts
Hangouts, are useful for  group meetings, discussions, or demonstrations. “It’s completely unique to Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter don’t have these yet.  So how can companies make use of it? You can organize a panel discussion explaining to potential customers how to use your latest product  and then archive it and upload it to your YouTube channel or   YouTube seamlessly. Whether you’re teaching a recipe, organizing a chat with thought leaders, or doing a live product demonstration, “It looks very professional but doesn’t take much effort.”

7 Google Plus’ Communities feature,

Allows groups to form around particular interests. “Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have said Google Plus was an easy place to meet people,” says Sherman, “but now it’s amazingly different. You can even join the community as a brand, which you cannot do on Facebook, and you can interact with your potential customers, influencers, and people of interest.” Indeed, she points out, “there are a ton of influencers who are concentrating on Google Plus these days.” And as she wrote in a recent blog post, “GooglePlus can give you access to influencers who might not notice you elsewhere…There is a nice spirit of camaraderie that people seldom feel with well-established platforms.”  What group will you set up ?   Thanks to Linda Sherman

8 Share posts & updates with your circles

I have set up different circles & can choose what I share with whom. Share text, photos, links, videos (BIG right now  …and Google+links to YouTube) and events. Just type in the box !

6  G+  Button
Add this to your website and get people to recommend by pressing the button. It also shows who has recommended so a double bonus.  

7 Sharing photos
On an Android device 2.1 or later you can upload photos to a private album for sharing later ! Great for photographers to show off their albums & get comments/likes via G+ 1+

8 Free Text messaging service to anyone in your Circles that has uploaded the APP

So that’s a few things to get you started !

9 For more Social media advice and Tips #quickfast   Contact me to book your 1 to 1 social media session !  

Call me on 07971 881251  or e mail me at
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10 Book my Social Media Masterclass , 1 to 1 or with a colleague . Tailored to get your business making the most of the power of Social media in a 2 hour session plus tips & homework. I can come to your office or you can come to me!

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