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What does an Employment Consultant do to help solicitors?

Surprisingly it’s not ‘running a recruitment agency ‘ , but  an expert witness who advises courts and tribunals on employment related issues such as earnings, labour market analysis, residual earning capacity, and retraining. The main area involved is that of personal injury litigation where loss of earnings is an important component of a claim. Employment consultants give evidence on pre and post accident earnings, thus establishing a loss of earnings formula. Employment consultants also deal with sex, race and disability discrimination, matrimonial matters and any case involving a loss or dispute of earnings. Increasingly, pay parity is a growth area.

Usually solicitors will use an employment report to quantify the loss of earnings or Smith v. Manchester awards.[1]

An employment consultant, like other experts witnesses, may be instructed by the solicitors for the claimant, the defendant, or as a jointly instructed expert, and may be required to give evidence under oath at trials and tribunal hearings.

In Sheffield and across the UK , John Brookes provides this service . He has provided expertise to over 50 different solicitors and agents .

Meet John on Twitter at or visit his website to arrange a free consultation



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