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Fabcoach interviews Jill Turner – Principal at Jill Turner Associates Holistic Financial Planning

Fabcoach, Karen Perkins Life and Career Coach from Sheffield interviews on of her favourite businesses every week on her Blog

This week it’s

Jill Turner – Principal at Jill Turner Associates Holistic Financial Planning
Follow her on Twitter     @joinedupjill

1 Describe your job in 140 characters!

Working hard to ensure you and those who depend on you are more financially secure now and in the future.

2 What did you want to be when you grew up ?

I  don’t think anyone ever wakes up one day and knows that they want to be a financial adviser,   in the States maybe where the profession of Financial Planning has a much higher profile  but here in the UK, we need to raise our public profile.    I remember really wanting to work with children and perhaps being a doctor as I liked Science and biology at school.  That was until someone told me you have to disect people who have donated their bodies to medical science, I’m  squeamish at the best of times,  so that was a definite no no.   I’ve always had an interest in radio and broadcast journalism from my teens and   produced my own radio show for five years.  If I could earn a living for my family broadcasting roots music that would be bliss.   However, I am fortunate enough to teach radio production at Sheffield University’s World Music summer school and that keeps my hand in.    I love what I do now and sometimes wish that my career in financial services had provided more stability as a medial career may have done but it perfectly combines my love of mathematics, my passion to help people and gives me time to be at home with my own children.

3.  What are you most proud of in your Career ?

Not giving up,  completing the last of my diploma exams at a time of acute workplace stress and life changes then  going on to establish my own practice.

jill turner 2014

 4 Which famous person inspired you at work and why ?

I’m not really one for celebrities and  famous people, I think our young people can be misguided into looking for inspiration from famous people rather than seeking their own mentors or looking to support each other and give each other feedback.

If I am to choose a famous person it would be Bishop Desmond Tutu, he’s always so happy, forgiving, patient , non judgmental and very wise.

5 What & where is your favourite Networking event ?

I had the time to go to Faye’s netwalking once and really enjoyed the relaxed way I could just walk alongside a stranger in the fresh air, no agenda, no 60 second pitch but just that great feeling of getting to know someone and swapping ideas, that you may never have had the chance to otherwise.

In terms of return on investment, confidence boosting, building trusted relationships, training,  giving and receiving business leads  it has to be BNI,  which I joined about nine months ago, its demanding and I have to say challenging at times but it has opened doors and landed me business, that I would never have imagined possible.

In terms of personal development it has to be the Ubuntu Pods, facilitated by Jane Swain for whom I have great respect.  It is an invitation only group of business owners, solopreneurs, thought leaders and senior managers who come together in a board room style meeting to discuss best practice and sound out business issues.

6. Where would you take a client for a ‘thank you ‘coffee or lunch in Sheffield ?

I’d like to say Wagamama’s but sometimes popping soya pods and eating noodles can be a bit too informal and messy.    Before the children I used to go out to hear live music and my passion for  Djing and broadcasting meant I spent a lot time with headphone on so now hearing is not so brilliant.  In  places where there’s a lot of  background noise it’s a bit tricky to keep up with conversations, so the venue  can’t be too noisy but it is important for the place to have some ambience.   All in all I think it would have to be Eten on York Street facing the green by the Cathedral.  It’s a relaxed and welcoming Bistro with delicious well priced food, an eclectic assortment of china and proper tea.

7 What is your tip for beating stress at work ?

Making a pot of tea.

Trying not to work long hours.

Getting enough sleep although that is difficult with two under fives.

Being open honest and transparent with my clients.

Maintaining  confidence and belief that I have done everything correctly, in the best interest of my clients and also to the best of my ability.

Not jumping to conclusions and taking time to reflect.

 If all else fails I like to go for a walk I am very lucky in where I live,  I can be deep in the woods or out in the fields in less than two minutes.
jill turner logo

8 What is your favourite way to relax ?

Playing with my children,  putting on some music and dancing  and forming our own percussion band.

I also like to cook and share food and a beer with friends and family, that’s another great way to relax

9 What advice would you give to a young person setting out on their career path ?

        Enjoy the journey

        Never be afraid to ask either for the business, for the job, for advice, for help, for feedback and enjoy the journey.   If you don’t ask you don’t get.

        Believe in yourself and your vision.

        Don’t give up.

10 How can people contact me ?

Jill Turner BA (Hons)   Dip PFS
Jill Turner Associates – Holistic Financial Planning
Joined up thinking to protect the ones you love, manage risk and achieve your financial goals.
Office :              0845 250 1271
Twitter:             @JoinedUpJill
Find out more:
Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, Sheffield S1 2BJ   

I have all my contact details on my website, that would be the best way. 

coffee mornings

Thank you Jill for sharing your thoughts & ideas !!

See you at Netwalking soon !


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