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Mark Tillison, MD and Biggest Marketing Geek at Tillison Consulting,

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1 Describe your job in 140 characters!
Most days, it feels like being the captain of a great football team, celebrating victories we’ve helped clients achieve

2 What did you want to be when you grew up ?
An Accountant. I met a cousin of mine when I was young. Maths was my strength at school, he had a nice car and impressed me. I worked through school to a Business Course at College which was the foundation to further study and a career in Accountancy. The module in the first year killed any dreams I had of becoming an Accountant – it was just too rigid, had too many rules for me and frankly, just squashed my young spirit. I successfully completed the Business and Finance course, which was otherwise inspiring, interesting and as I’d later discover, very useful.

3 What are you most proud of in your Career  ?
Having taken some time out to reflect on what we’ve achieved as a team over the last 2-3 years has been an amazing experience. We’re so focused on the constant changes in our industry and goals and objectives for next month, next quarter, next year, that we lose sight of the amazing journey we’ve been on.

4 Which famous person inspired you at work and why ?There aren’t any specifically, but I have a lot of respect for Richard Branson. To me, Richard just “gets it”. He has fun in what he’s doing and has a real passion and vision for what he believes in. Whatever ventures he’s been involved in seem to be more of a cause than a profit-making exercise.

5 What & where is your favourite Networking event ?
We coordinate a monthly social event for local businesses – Curry Business ( It’s a completely informal event to meet, chat and eat good food. No elevator pitches, no membership, no commitment to come every month. 20% of our bill also goes to a nominated local charity each month as does the venue. We get a great, fun night out, the restaurant gets a huge (30+ people) booking and a charity gets a pretty sizeable donation.

6 Where would you take a client for a ‘thank you ‘coffee or lunch in Sheffield ?
I hear Tamper coffee, Agraah and the Wig and Pen are great places.

I’m not local as I work all over the UK , but if it was a client, I think I’d be letting them pick, though I’d do my best to influence Indian food. You wouldn’t be the first to spot a theme here!

7 What is your tip for beating stress at work ?
Celebrate every victory. It’s very easy to get stuck complaining about things that aren’t going as well as you want, clients behaving badly or technology not working as you expect, but the truth is that our days are filled with successes and victories – we just take them for granted and get frustrated when some things don’t go as well as the majority. Personally, I need to vent about this stuff and I’m grateful to have a team around me that knows this and gives me an alternative perspective on situations.

8 What is your favourite way to relax ?
Since an young age, I’ve played competitive snooker to a reasonable standard and play for a team in a local league. There’s always a need for practice to maintain a competitive standard. My teenage son also has the bug and I help support and coach the childrens’ team at the weekends. Seeing them achieve success and winning recent awards has made me very proud.

9 What advice would you give to a young person setting out on their career path ?
Careers don’t get built 9 to 5. Find a career doing something that you love, something that inspires you, something that you can be proud of. My timekeeping may not always be the best, but no one could ever accuse me of not putting in the hours and committing to a cause. Find a career doing something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

10 How can people contact me ?

Via Twitter, or just type “Tillison” in to Google. Predictably, you’ll find me occupying most of the first page.

 Mark Tillison has helped build businesses online for the last 10 years. Mark formed Tillison Consulting in 2007, a team of digital marketing Specialists who work with ambitious businesses through training, coaching and managed services to help them make a profit online.

 tillson best




  1. Thanks so much for this Karen. It’s nice to take some time out and get a little perspective on life.

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