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7 Reasons Why It’s Better To Date A Nice Guy

Try some date coaching to help you spot the nice guys #intuition

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They say “nice guys finish last”, but girls, you’ll see why you need to stop the temptation and the draw towards the bad boys.

They may make your heart flutter and your blood rush to your faces with adrenaline from their sexy looks and their lines, ooh even the way they walk is bad- ass! ..but when the wild promises start piling up unfulfilled and they start letting you down, these good guys win out over the long run.

1. They will not forget month-saries, anniversaries, the works.

These guys are sensitive, thoughtful beings. They want you to know that you’re important in their lives, and that the event of finally getting you as a girlfriend is equally as important. Many guys forget these dates, and girls (no matter how many “it’s no big deal anyway”‘s you say), do mind it – even if it’s just a lil 

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