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Fabcoach #Tramlines 2014 Highlights ! Part 1

We planned our Tramlines 2014 to get 110% ..well what else do you expect from a life coach !! It is the Urban Glastonbury …and you get to sleep in comfort at home !!!

Friday.. collected the Weekend advance Wristbands

??????????????Popped into a small local shop for wine & nibbles takeaway on the sunny City Hall steps

Then …. off to the Leadmill for Braver than Fiction , then to the cool Millennium Gallery to play a bubble bursting game by Aaron Oldenburg  on the Kinect oops that’s ‘game rules as an expressive media ‘  . Allusondrugs were brilliant in the Gallery


followed by a little sit down on the gallery balcony …fantastic view of the Sheffield Skyline .

?????????????????????????????????????????Up to the Harley to watch Cholumbian DJ , nice air con too ! Next Katy B at the main arena with her fab dancers .

?????????????????????The space in front of us filled up in 2 minutes !! Really enjoyed the set ! #tramlinesselfie


Back to the Millennium galleries for Shackleton another DJ !!  And  little walk home . When we checked we had walked 4.5 miles Eeek !

Saturday Update . We walked via a take out latte at Waitrose ..up the Moor to see local band CJ and the Bear Trap with lead singer Chloe Jade Simmons. Excellent & only 12 00 !


Thence via lunch at the Blue Moon cafe , scones with Blueberry & lime jam, to Magpies at the Cathedral . Cool venue but new floor so no red wine for Tramliners . Their bar is popular & donations help The Archer Project . Magpies included beautiful trumpet, and harmonies .

????????????????????????????????Next a quick nip down to Smoke BBQ & down the steps to the Busker Bus , where we found Seven Tors . They sang us on a top deck double decker bus ride round Kelham Island, Derek Dooley way, via the University Commons & Hanover way and back to Arundel Gate ;


From there we walked all the way up the back of West St ,admiring the backstreet architecture to Weston Park ,to cool down with tea & ice cream. OMG quick dash though the Uni to the Harley to see the fab Autobahn…a bit Jim Morrison, a bit Johnny Rotten , a bit Ian McCulloch , nice and loud ! The nice doorman even let me take the rest of my ice cream in ! #thankyou .

Next off the see CJ & the Bear Trap set 3 at The Old House … past the rubbish cleaners & crushers  near the Forum . Sheffield Council did us proud !

Returned to see Bloodsports at Millennium galleries , but they had moved to Sunday #rats . Next year I will keep the @tramlines twitter feed on for updates !! So had roast chicken & Caesar salad on a grassy knoll in Tudor square.

Then back up to the University Arms to see the magnificent Baby Godzilla !  Amazing energy & feats of balance & bouldering by the lead guitarist.


Walls, amps …what next …yes piles of amps !

??????????????????????????????????????????Next the band Dinosaur Pileup …a great grunge end to day 2 ! The next post will have day 3 . I am exhausted writing about what turned out to be 6.84 miles walked in pursuit of musical excellence !! Note to self next year buy a 7 day bus pass !! #Standbyme !!

Watch out for part 2 !! Follow me on Twitter @fabcoach




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