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Neuroscience and Breath Technology Retreat with Shaura Hall 14-16th November 2014

Neuroscience and Breath Technology Retreat with Shaura Hall 14-16th November 2014Quince in the Botanical Gardens

The Orange Tree, Rosedale, North Yorkshire, YO18 8RH

From a neuroscientific perspective the brain adapts to stressful conditions and these changes span across many domains. If we do not manage to make the changes our brain needs to readapt, the structure and function can alter dramatically as new pathways are encoded.

When this happens, we may struggle to comprehend the signs that adaptation is occurring and experience can become very uncomfortable.

Looking down another lens, we may have a high impact job and regularly need to keep motivating ourselves to achieve. Thus, a similar process occurs but we often don’t notice until the body can no longer cope and burnout becomes inevitable.

So how do we bring harmony into our mind/body network?

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that yoga and mindfulness not only provides physiological regulation but also has the potential initiate neurogenesis (creation of new cells) in parts of the brain affected by stress and rebalance neurotransmission. In addition, research into mindfulness has found that we can thicken cortical structure in crucial aspects of the brain to achieve top down regulation -which is a fancy way for saying our logical mind achieves dominance over the fear network! And so, through the application of yoga and mindfulness we can find the way back to the centre and return home to conscious happiness.

During this informative yet experiential weekend, we will explore how the brain changes function and architecture during stressful circumstances- and how we can mediate this process through contemplative practices.

We discover the central nervous system through a combination of lecture style presentation, yoga, mindfulness and breathwork. Psychoeducation is based around cutting edge scientific discovery with a dash of classical yoga philosophy.

Whether you are clinician or practitioner these teachings offer the chance to understand what happens inside when we experience stress, anxiety, depression or traumatic circumstances.
The facilitator:
Shaura Hall is an RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Therapist for Mental Health, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Coach. She teaches yoga philosophy and addictions modules for the Minded Institute training school and successfully runs workshops on neurobiology for yoga teachers, practitioners and talk therapists. Her specialist interest is delivering professional training for yoga teachers and health workers on the addicted brain.

Supported by:
Yoga Alliance CPD Points
Kundalini Yoga CEU Points
Investment: £280 – open to anyone with professional or personal interest.      Twitter @YogaLoveUK
Tel: 07758 826614


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