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Back to School with #Sheffield Clandestine Cake club !

Cakes reminding us of back to School memories were in the lesson plan for our meeting at the Victorian Barlborough Primary school near Sheffield .

We had a few brilliant tips post cake to share too
– Buy powdered egg white on Amazon ( health and fitness section ) .. great for meringues
– use dried strawberries in sponges for intense flavour
– Fab blog called Eat Your Books reviews new cook books

Blackberry Crumble cake by Debs . These blackberries were foraged as Debs is a Forest School practitioner, and will be teaching the Sheffield club about foraging. In 2015 ..we will be having a themed event on (safe) foraged ingredients for our cakes .


Gin & Tonic cake with Creme Fraiche by Helen, reminding her of the restorative effect of Gin and Tonic.. but also of the pitfalls to teenagers of drinking gin … as she experienced at school as a teen !


Back to School sponge by Karen … proving a well known fact that cakes do not always come out perfectly, but fondant icing can render any wonky sponge perfect ! Victoria sponge with orange butter cream ,and rose petal jam filling with organic Dolly Mixture ( who knew such delicacies existed !)


Victoria sponge by Karen W , which really reminded her of after school teas, her mum made a cake alternate weeks Victoria sponge then Chocolate sponge. She reminisced about school chocolate sponge pudding with pink custard . The cake was a tribute to the baking of her mum , who sadly suffers from dementia ,but still enjoys her cake.


Christines Blackberry & Lemon Curd loaf. This reminded her of picking blackberries with her mum on the way home from school.


Thanks to the school who hosted us so magnificently & we raised £20.00 for Macmillan cancer charities from the entrance fee.



Here are our lovely bakers, a bit blurry .. butt that would be the sugar rush from all the delicious cakes .

Next Meeting is Oct 18th 3 till 5 in Sheffield … Theme Internationale Cakes

Book via @fabcoach or



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