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Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club – Christmas Cakeathon World Cakes

We had a marvellously cakey event ! I have only just finishes off the slices at home ! #yummy



Christmas may come but once a year however that gives us an extra excuse to try out some fabulously festive cakes! We went along to the winter wonderland that is group member Christine’s house for an afternoon of eating, drinking and talking all things cake!


We kicked off with Christine’s South American Butterscotch Date Loaf with Caramel Icing. It contained candied dates and was topped with the South American favourite of dulce de leche plus cubes of butterscotch.


It was a trip to Hungary for Ruth’s Dobos Torte. The Dobos Torte was created by Austrian pastry chef Jozef C Dobos for the National General Exhibition of Bupapest in 1885. This cake, made famous by the Great British Bake Off, has a mind-boggling seven layers of batter all covered with chocolate buttercream. It was finished off with pieces of caramel.


Jayne went for a very seasonal Mincemeat and Marmalade Cake. This…

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