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Spring Cakes with Sheffield Clandestine Club

Look at all the lovely #sheffield bakers who made spring cakes for the Clandestine cake Club

Retiring Disgracefully

Thanks to Jayne at Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy , who welcomed our bakers into her home & studio. We baked on a theme of Spring cakes & the entrance fee was kindly donated to City Hearts charity in Sheffield for easter eggs !

I made a White Chocolate & Orange cake with lemon curd filling & a white chocolate & orange ganache . I squeezed an orange on to the top of the sponge for extra zestiness .

Suzanne made a Honey cake , with fierce bees . She made a batter of butter, honey, sugar & flour. With a honey cream topping , fondant bees with white choc button wings & drizzled choc stripes.


Jayne made a Hummingbird cake , on the left with fruit, pineapple, carrot and olive oil. Hummingbird refers to the bird who comes back in the Spring. It had cream cheese, butter icing with cinnamon. Anneā€¦

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