What does an Employment Consultant do to help solicitors?

Surprisingly it’s not ‘running a recruitment agency ‘ , but  an expert witness who advises courts and tribunals on employment related issues such as earnings, labour market analysis, residual earning capacity, and retraining. The main area involved is that of personal injury litigation where loss of earnings is an important component of a claim. Employment consultants give evidence on pre and post accident earnings, thus establishing a loss of earnings formula. Employment consultants also deal with sex, race and disability discrimination, matrimonial matters and any case involving a loss or dispute of earnings. Increasingly, pay parity is a growth area.

Usually solicitors will use an employment report to quantify the loss of earnings or Smith v. Manchester awards.[1]

An employment consultant, like other experts witnesses, may be instructed by the solicitors for the claimant, the defendant, or as a jointly instructed expert, and may be required to give evidence under oath at trials and tribunal hearings.

In Sheffield and across the UK , John Brookes provides this service . He has provided expertise to over 50 different solicitors and agents .

Meet John on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Johnbro51 or visit his website to arrange a free consultation http://johnbrookes.co.uk/


Bloggers ! How will you fund your Dream Goals ?

As a Life Coach I often ask people to make a list of the goals they want to achieve in life, so we can work on their plan to get there.  Some people call this list of goals  a ‘bucket list’ ie things you want to do before its too late ! We look at the whole of their life to get everything in balance. Finance is important especially in these days of austerity, so I do a Mini Money Makeover with them to show them how they can save money or re-prioritize their spending to make their bucket list dreams  happen. Sometimes they see a financial adviser, often they turn to one of the comparison sites to check they have the best deals on their monthly bills and costs, so they can reduce these & and save for their dreams . One example is


bloggers post

Some are ‘Big Grin Goals’, something you work hard for and save up to do such as learn to hang-glide, start up a business  or visit a long lost friend in Vietnam. It could be buying a gym subscription to motivate you to get fitter & increase you health & wellness.

Others can be small goals in tiny steps such as having a home pamper day each month to treat yourself and improve your wellness and relaxation without breaking the bank .

On my personal list would be

1 Learn to canoe

2 Visit Tasmania and sail around the coast there

3 Learn to make sushi

4 Achieve a million followers on Twitter ( for the right reasons !)

5 Invent a successful new product that saves people money & can be used around the world

You can see what dreams others have had & hopefully get some inspiration. If you blog you could even win a prize for your dreams !

MoneySupermarket want Bloggers to tell them what they want to do on their ‘Bucket List’ so if you run a blog then please post your dreams & goals onto their website via the following Competition  link


Hope to see all your goals there & if you would like some coaching to achieve them please contact me for a free 30 minute taster at www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk 

Make your Bucket List goals come true !

Make your Bucket List goals come true !

5 Reasons why walking is good for you !

I walk

1 to keep fit, for free

2 to keep my mind clear & refreshed for my coaching

3 to keep fit in beautiful and interesting landscapes

4 to keep fit with chilled walker friends & creative Netwalkers ( see below )

5 to allow me to eat lots of cake as I run the Sheffield Clandestine cake club

Hope to see you all walking soon   Karen   Follow me @fabcoach on Twitter

Netwalking 005 (Large).JPG


Business Net-walking continues apace

As it comes up to its second anniversary in October, Sheffield’s popular FREE Net-walking group continues to appeal to business people and entrepreneurs keen to network in the fresh air.

“At our last Net-walk, we had an incredibly diverse group: Cat Smith, the group financial controller for Sheffield’s prestigious Holiday Inn Royal Victoria with her toddler on her day off, Twitter coach Karen Perkins, cosmetics entrepreneur Jane Fardon with her dog, Sheila Quairney, head of Hallam University’s enterprise Hatchery, Gill Weir, founder of Sheffield Central Counseling, Sync City magazine’s editor Kat Buck and language translation specialist Janita Maaranen, to name but a few. It’s always a stimulating crowd and men and women alike are very welcome to attend.”

Marketing and PR specialist and keen walker Faye Smith of Keep your Fork, who has just been named a finalist in the Sue Ryder Yorkshire Women of Achievement in Business Awards, runs Net-walking jointly with childcare specialist client Lucy Lippolis of Sparkles, to offer fresh ideas and encouragement in the fresh air every third Friday of the month.

The next FREE Fresh Air Friday net-walk 9am on Friday 21 June, about 3 miles up the Porter Valley and back from Endcliffe Park Café, returning to the café for a well-deserved optional drink on completion. Entrepreneurs, experts and employees welcome! Meet at the café at 9am, rain or shine with suitable clothing, footwear and business cards.

The next walk will be on the usual third Friday of the month, Friday 19 July.

To book or for more details, contact Faye Smith at Keep your Fork marketing consultancy or check our Facebook page, NetWalking Sheffield

Telephone: 07985 038265 email: faye@keepyourfork.co.ukhttp://www.keepyourfork.co.uk/net_walking

10 Tips for Parents to help your kids with Exam Stress

1 Keep out of their face ! Make sure your kids know you are rooting for them whatever their results are , and support them by keeping calm.


2 Don’t panic . Avoid hovering around them and looking agitated. When you drop them off at school , or when they are leaving the house .. well beforehand ask if they everything they need, and just be quiet, ask if there is anything they need .

3 Prepare well in advance … get the exam timetable , revision guides etc at the start of the academic year . Make sure your kids understand what’s expected of them ,and how to revise … its not just writing out endless notes.

4 Have lots of revision treats to hand  Healthy  ( raisins, carrots, dried fruit, bananas,juice water ) & less healthy ( haribos, sugar free gum ). Carbohydrates ie good comforting pasta meals are good for revision .

5 Don’t nag. Tidy up around them subtly removing mugs and plates etc .. a bit of tidying to keep their room or revision space dcluttered.

6 Try and find a quiet space in your home for their revision… or grandparents /relatives home. Its great if they can revise away from their bedroom so they have a nice school free space to relax in. There’s always the school library, local library you ccan use.

7 Bribes !!  Not everyone agrees with this .. ask your kids what would motivate them… maybe a meal out afterwards, a small payment for each exams  etc .I asked mine to tell me first and was pleasantly surprised at how modest their requests were !! One child was motivated by £5 per O level. However treat them whatever happens as you don’t want to add ‘performance ‘ stress.

8 Get a spare calculator and batteries ready… make sure you have enough printer ink & comfy biros   in case of pre exam panics

9 Get the exam timetable  .. don’t book annoying trips to relatives ,or holidays during revision & exams or force kids to go  … ask your employer to let you use your flexitime /leave  so you can drop off or be there if your child is particularly anxious.

10 Read some great advice, with links to good websites  for parent and kids on the Derbyshire County Council website http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/education/14_19/revision/default.asp

Finally praise your kids …its not true that exams used to be harder in your time… some A levels cover what would be degree level work in the past !!

If your child finds it hard to be motivated or plan ,then book them some coaching !! http://www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk/teenage-coaching-sheffield.html

Phone me on 07971 881251 t book a free 30 minute taster.Image

5 tips for an enjoyable walk. Stanage Stumble is a breeze ! Austerity Budget Day 7

I went on a 12 mile walk today with Faye Smith and her Homestart Sheffield fundraising posse. I wan’t sure if I could do it but got into my stride. I did go off track and strayed onto the 17 mile route , by walking up Higger Tor by accident , but i made it back to the party at Burbage carpark  via the ice cream van. My tips for a comfortable walk

1 Wear 1000 mile socks with a double lining to stop blisters

2 Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun and wind/dust/insects

3 Get your suncream on

4 Take plenty of water and fruit

5 Take a map  print them on line or borrow one from your local library & check the route lol

Come and join the Netwalkers in Sheffield for networking with a stroll up Porter Valley ! Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/NetWalking-Sheffield/188044874605668?fref=ts

For Speed date walks contact me on 07971 881251  or via my website  www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk

Faye Smith and Karen Perkins with their Stanage Stumble Certificates for 12 miles !

Faye Smith and Karen Perkins with their Stanage Stumble Certificates for 12 miles !

Austerity Budget Days 5 and 6 Free MBA scholarships in Sheffield

Are you looking to do an MBA … well Sheffield Uni have scholarships available #free with  fees paid follow the link to the Sheffield Uni management school .

The University of Sheffield Management School is in the top 1% of business schools worldwide. Triple accreditation from – AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB – an honour that has been bestowed on only 58 Schools worldwide. So go and look on their website

For career and business coaching contact Karen Perkins www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk

Spring clean your career with an MBA upgrade !

Spring clean your career with an MBA upgrade !

Austerity Budget Day 2 and 3

what is life coaching ? Book a free tater with Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

what is life coaching ?
Book a free taster with Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

Found a fully stamped Cafe Nero card in my bag so at lunchtime I went for a free largest Latte  and read the office copy of the Derbyshire Times. It is Chesterfield Flea market on a Thursday so loads to look at & not spend anything this time . Popped in to see Annies stall ,the one with the bunting and jam covers , all Cath Kidston .

Then a walk back through the sun to my appointments, all the leaves are coming through now so its much more cheerful. Ate my pack up from home so another ‘free’ lunchtime .

Reading all about Palmistry today on Derbyshire ‘s premier palmist website http://john-harrison-palmistry.com/
He even does Palmistry parties, so I am going to find out what this involves . He is a Palmistry coach so I am off to see if that is anything like my Life coaching work , which you can read about at www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk

Austerity Budget Day 1

Today I walked to my appointments , and spent 15 minutes relaxing in the Sheffield Botanical gardens , all free of course . Sun, scents and beautiful flowers.. if you stop and sit on one of the benches on the right hand side near the little ponds ,you will see camellias, quince blossom, spring flowers and … a crow having a bath on the edge of the pond !!
Quince in the Botanical Gardens

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My summer of being Austere Budgetarily ish and tech-ing up!

I have decided to do an experiment which involves really sticking to my re-use , recycle blagging  & and charity shop my way to Christmas for the rest of this year. I have already embarked on de cluttering and tidying so lest see what happens . Some things will need to be done in a proper way , like electrical repairs but I will see what I can achieve.

At the same time i aim to use my existing programmes etc to get paperless having been inspired by one of my lovely coachees to go all electronic, so I will be blogging about my progress there too !!


Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

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