Sweet #netwalking in New Mills with@dalesandpeak

Today Dales and Peak Network went on an #entrepreneurs walk in New Mills, in the High Peak. We started at Swizzels Matlow , where Nici Matlow , HR manager of the family owned business SwizzelsMatlow gave us a talk on the history of the companies , and lots of sweet tasters . Despite being a family member, Nici had to spend 18 months on the shop floor , plus a Uni degree before she joined Swizzels HR.  The company started in Hackney London in the 30’s, relocated to New Mills in the war, and never left.In the 40’s they moved into an old textile mill. They helped the war effort by making water purification tablets. In the 50’s Parma Violets were invented.Originally they were breath fresheners . In 1954 Love Hearts came about.

They have a top secret machine to do messages on the Love hearts.Love Hearts are global, imagine 100 tonnes a week ! Then the double sherbet lolly..another first. Swizzels are famous for their firsts.
In 1975 a new factory extension arrived. The Swizzels sherbet sugar & Matlows jelly & chews merged. They built a new products & innovations team. In 2001 the online shop arrived, plus #squashies . They continually innovate , using natural colours & healthy mixes where possible.
What does Success look like ?
A lesson to all employers … Swizzels say
1 Success is all about their people , empowering & developing them. Staff are fully involved in creating an inspiring vision & future direction. All staff get the opportunity for regular training plus self guided learning in the Refresher room. When I arrived at the gatehouse I was greeted & welcomed by staff, signposted to the walk start, and everyone that arrived at the desk while I was there received the same genuine helpful friendly service. How does your business appear to new visitors & the outside world ?
2 Provide continuous development including Coaching for your staff.
3 Communicate your Vision, make it a shared vision & encourage participation.
4 Encourage staff to be involved in continuous improvement of business process & direction.
5 Involve staff in the selection & implementation of new technology so they can see how it will benefit them, by removing boring processes, keeping their jobs more interesting & not threatening their jobs.Its a pleasure to be consulted when you are not worried about your job!
6 Work with the local community ,schools, groups to promote jobs, support community sustainability & pride.

After the talk we walked along Torrs Gorge & on the Millennium walkway along to the canal and back into New Mills . We swapped business ideas & discussed all the tips from Swizzels, plus of course eating the odd sweet ! Join our next @dalesandpeak  walk on 26th April starting from venue TBC in Hathersage.

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Sponsor our 25 mile Peak District Trek for Framework Homeless Support

A strategic alliance of housing strategy officers across N E Derbyshire DC and Bolsover DC will be doing a gruelling 25 mile trek through the Derbyshire Peaks on Saturday 19th July 2014. The team known as the Rambling Roses which is made up of Di Parker, Rebecca Slack, Jo Hayes, Sarah Clow and Karen Perkins will have to complete the challenge in 12 hours.

Rebecca, Sarah & Di on Lose Hill
This will be a challenge to all of us as none of us have walked this sort of distance before and the walk will take in peaks such as Mam Tor, Jacobs Ladder, Winn Hill, Lose Hill, and Kinder Scout – so some sore legs, feet, and limbs the next day. Map reading has already started to prove challenging to us on some of the practice walks, another challenge for some of us to conquer!!

We work closely with Framework as they currently provide supported housing locally in both Bolsover and North East to vulnerable young people under the age of 25 in addition to other great projects helping vulnerable homeless people across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The project is currently facing huge cuts to its service so now is even more important than ever to raise as much money as possible and raise the profile of the important work Framework does. We’ve set ourselves a £500 target so all donations will be really really appreciated.

We will wear Company T Shirts if you sponsor us !
If you would like to support us by donating you can either give through our on line fundraising link  https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/ramblingroses 
Thanks in anticipation!

The Rambling Roses

Press release Healthy You Community Morning Sat 14 June Richmond Medical Centre Sheffield

Richmond Medical Centre, Woodthorpe Development Trust and Activity Sheffield are joining up to hold a fun Community Morning on Sat 14th June from 10 to 12 to promote exercise and well being in the local community for all ages. Free activities will be held at the Medical Centre at 462 Richmond Rd and at St Catherine of Siena church next door to the Medical Centre.

Shaun and Ryszard from the Woodthorpe Development Trust will be promoting their new Community Health Awareness Programme . Working with Millie and David from Activity Sheffield there will be opportunities for YOU to try out new exercises on the day and learn about local opportunities to continue these.The message is Exercise is good for your health whatever your age.
Everything is free including drinks and nibbles and balloon modelling for the kids.


Activities will be held at the Medical Centre at 462 Richmond Rd and at St Catherine of Siena church next door to the Medical Centre.
Community officers from the Police and Fire brigade will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about their services.
It will also be a chance to say goodbye to both GP Dr Caroline Walton who is retiring after 26 years at the practice and to Father Loxley from the church who is also retiring after many years serving the local community. All welcome !!

How you can be part of their story. Taking #teddylove to Cambodian children

How you can be part of their story..


If you would like to support Lynne’s work in Cambodia by a single donation, a monthly sponsorship or a corporate ‘nominated charitable’ response, a pay pal donate button is available on http://www.sanctuary-therapy.co.uk/ – please note ‘Cambodia donation’ in your message text.
Please sponsor this #teddylove campaign

Please sponsor this #teddylove campaign

How you can be part of their story.
They need to raise £23,000    in 12 weeks    or £2000 a month  over 12 months which is:

2 businesses fundraising £100 a month each

5 individuals/ families committed to £100 a month

10 committed to £50 a month

20 to £25 a month

50 to just £10 a month       Sponsor a teddy

How could you help ?

How to get your body beach ready with Confidence !

I have just written some tips for a fantastic beachwear co called South Beach Swim Co http://instagram.com/southbswim#

All about getting ready for summer , with foodie tips from Clare Shepherd from NewLifeNutrition in Sheffield .

Here is the blogpost  … follow this link ! http://www.southbeachofficial.com/wp/news/the-ultimate-guide-to-prepping-your-body-for-the-beach/

Have a great Spring and Summer ! Follow me on Twitter @fabcoach https://twitter.com/fabcoach

Best wishes Karen




Fabcoach, Karen Perkins Life and Career Coach from Sheffield interviews one of her favourite businesses every week on her Blog    www.fabcoach.wordpress.com

Rosemary Finn , works at Taylor Bracewell, Fountain Precinct, Balm green, Sheffield, S1 2JA
rosie finn


Twittter Rosemary Finn @Law_Sheffield

1 Describe your job in 140 characters ! Challenging and rewarding. I am able to help people through a difficult time in their lives by offering practical and cost effective advice and representation.

2 What did you want to be when you grew up ? I actually wanted to be a Solicitor although for brief periods I considered teaching history and becoming a Physiotherapist.

3 What are you most proud of in your Career  ?  That my advice and work enables people to move on  to the next chapter of their lives. I still see some of my old clients and it is lovely that many years after I represented them that they acknowledge how much I helped them. This is very humbling but heart warming.

4 Which famous person inspired you at work and why ? In all honesty, although there are famous people I admire, I can say that from a work point of view my biggest inspiration was my Mum who was not at all famous. She always taught me that if  I worked hard I could be what I wanted to be. I was faced with many people, even my Head of  Sixth Form telling me that ” people like me” didn’t become lawyers. I think he was of the view that to break into the legal profession I needed to have either lots of money or family who were already in the profession. This was a slightly outdated attitude even in the late 1970s /early 1980s! Needless to say, my Mum put him in his place! She worked hard as a District Nurse and without being pushy encouraged me and my two brothers to fulfil our potential. She and my Dad were always supportive.

5 What & where is your favourite Networking event ?  Doncaster Chamber of Commerce Women In Business lunches. There is an informal atmosphere and I generally find that the attendees are very friendly and welcoming and show an interest in you and your business. They offer good company and good food which is usually a winning combination.

6 Where would you take a client for a ‘thank you ‘coffee or lunch in Sheffield ?  I like Caffe Nero as I love their coffee. For lunch, I like ASK or Philpotts for a sandwich.

I like the Calamari at ASK and the Smoked salmon and Cream Cheese sandwich at Philpotts is lovely.

 7 What is your tip for beating stress at work ?  Take a deep breath and count to ten! Then tackle the problem because it won’t go away if you ignore it. Also, you need to know when to turn off the computer and go home. It is good to work hard but there are only so many productive hours in the day and you will become more stressed if you continue working beyond those productive hours.

8 What is your favourite way to relax ?  Reading or spending time with my daughter and our crazy but loveable Cocker  Spaniel.

9 What advice would you give to a young person setting out on their career path ?  Work hard but also make time for yourself and family. Consider all of your options. Not everyone is suited to Higher Education and for some, the cost is prohibitive so consider if their might be other ways to achieve your goals such as Apprenticeships. Listen to those who might be a little older and wiser than you as they may actually be able to offer you some sensible advice.

10 How can people contact me ?  Telephone: 0114 2721884 or Mobile: 07780479805


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Plan your retirement way before you retire !!

I have just been interviewed by Campbell Harrison, Sheffield based Financial advisor12314009-retirement squares and retirement planners. I shared my coaching tips for a successful retirement !

” Although the idea of not having to work anymore can be exciting (and something you might have been looking forward to for many years!), for some it can be a mixed blessing. The change from being in work to being retired presents many different feelings, ranging from panic and boredom to sheer joy at having time available to do what you want. As with all big life changes, retirement can take a lot of adjusting to and it’s quite common to feel unsure about this new chapter in your life. http://www.campbellharrison.co.uk/blog/life-coaching-tips-for-a-successful-retirement 

Contact me for some Life Coaching or retirement planning !! http://www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk/retirement-coach-sheffield.html

Happy Dreaming !Karen

Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps

6 Steps to feeling Happier at work

6 Simple steps to feeling happier at work

We spend a lot of time at work, from Monday to Friday probably more waking time in the office than with our families and loved ones. If we are to cope with this, we have to make sure we make the most out of our work time and enjoy it.

1. Positivity and smiling

Positive thinking can feel laboured at times but has been proven to work in many studies. Smiling is infectious and is the simple form of positivity that uses what psychologists refer to as the theory of self-perception (if you see yourself as happy, you will become happy). Being positive leads to efficiency and well being for yourself and the people around you. When you radiate positivity in an office, others will be picked up as a result. When trying this out, make sure you stay away from any negative people as they are bound to bring you down. It’s free too !


2. Moving around

Walk the stairs instead of taking the lift in the mornings, go for a walk at lunch and walk around the office when making phone calls. Energy comes from oxygen, oxygen comes from motion so the more you move about, the more energy you get. I don’t know about you, but when I have lots of energy I tend to be a happy. I walk at lunchtimes, even just round the block. Take the bus to meetings .

3. Declutter

There are books dedicated to this single point. Make sure you have a clean workspace and environment around you. Clutter brings you down on a subconscious level – it looks like even more work to be done. Have a clear structure and organization on your desk so you can swiftly leave a task and come back to it later. You should also have an effective workflow and make use of in- and out-boxes. Plan 30 minutes a month to really tidy.

4. Change your routine

The same old routine day in and day out will wear you down slowly. Try using a different pen, have a tea instead of coffee, change your telephone greeting etc and see how it feels. Variety is the spice of life they say, this applies to work as well. Big corporations shuffle things around all the time, even if a division is performing it can always to with a shake up and change things – so can you.


5. Eat quality food

Have a proper breakfast and lunch, with high quality food that will provide you with energy throughout the day. If you want snacks in between, stay away from chocolate, cakes  and fizzy drinks . The sugar levels in these products will give you a buzz from which you will come crashing down only a few minutes later. You don’t want to give yourself mood swings by having the wrong type of food. Stay on the healthy and nutritious side and you will feel better and have more overall energy (and you will be happier with your body as a result). Almonds, apples, sugarfree gum are good.

6. Go on vacation!

If all else fails, get yourself out of the office for a few days and recharge your batteries. Make your weekend into a mini break Switch off completely, turn off any handheld devices and just relax. You will come back with a new perspective on things and you will be a happy person, hopefully with lots of great memories to share.

Can you think of any other simple steps?

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What’s the difference between life coaching and counselling?

What’s the difference between life coaching and counselling?

By Gill Wier, Counsellor and Director of Sheffield Central Counselling Ltd

If you have a burning issue you want to discuss in confidence you might be asking yourself what sort of person would be right for me to speak to? As a counsellor, Gill says,  I am often asked by clients “Have I come to the right place? Do you think counselling will help me?” I’d like to share a bit about counselling and how it’s different from life coaching.
It’s not surprising that people sometimes feel unclear about which approach is right for them. After all, both counsellors and life coaches will meet with you on a one to one basis and aim to create a confidential and non-judgemental space where you can talk freely about the issues you are facing. Both professions aim to help you explore and gain understanding of your problems with a view to helping you make positive changes in your life.
So what are the main differences?
In summary, life coaching is focused on setting goals for the future and making positive changes in your life. The life coach provides the practical and psychological support you need to motivate you towards obtaining these goals. Counselling works with personal issues in much greater depth than would normally be expected in life coaching. Counselling tends to be focused on emotional issues and on helping people break free from issues that are holding them back from living life to the full.
Life coaching is of most benefit to people who are generally feeling well but have some sense of discontent, frustration or unhappiness and want to make changes in their lives.
Counselling might be beneficial for you if…
• Problems are getting on top of you and affecting your well-being, causing depression, anxiety or stress
• Issues from the past are having an negative impact on your day to day life, affecting your relationships or work
• You are finding it hard to come to terms with a traumatic life change such as a bereavement or relationship breakdown

But isn’t having counselling a sign of weakness?
On the contrary it takes a lot of courage to come and talk about your personal issues with a counsellor. It is a sign of your inner strength and resourcefulness that you choose to access the support that you need when you need it. I have seen first-hand how counselling helps many people address deep seated emotional issues so that they can move forwards with greater freedom. Life coaching can work well as a next step after counselling once you are feeling better and ready to set some new goals for your life.
So if you have deeper underlying emotional issues that are holding you back I would recommend seeing a counsellor. There’s no need to leave it until you are in crisis or have reached rock bottom. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an initial appointment to discuss how counselling could help you feel free to contact me on 07504492224 or gill@sheffieldcentralcounselling.co.uk

Gill Weir

Bloggers ! How will you fund your Dream Goals ?

As a Life Coach I often ask people to make a list of the goals they want to achieve in life, so we can work on their plan to get there.  Some people call this list of goals  a ‘bucket list’ ie things you want to do before its too late ! We look at the whole of their life to get everything in balance. Finance is important especially in these days of austerity, so I do a Mini Money Makeover with them to show them how they can save money or re-prioritize their spending to make their bucket list dreams  happen. Sometimes they see a financial adviser, often they turn to one of the comparison sites to check they have the best deals on their monthly bills and costs, so they can reduce these & and save for their dreams . One example is


bloggers post

Some are ‘Big Grin Goals’, something you work hard for and save up to do such as learn to hang-glide, start up a business  or visit a long lost friend in Vietnam. It could be buying a gym subscription to motivate you to get fitter & increase you health & wellness.

Others can be small goals in tiny steps such as having a home pamper day each month to treat yourself and improve your wellness and relaxation without breaking the bank .

On my personal list would be

1 Learn to canoe

2 Visit Tasmania and sail around the coast there

3 Learn to make sushi

4 Achieve a million followers on Twitter ( for the right reasons !)

5 Invent a successful new product that saves people money & can be used around the world

You can see what dreams others have had & hopefully get some inspiration. If you blog you could even win a prize for your dreams !

MoneySupermarket want Bloggers to tell them what they want to do on their ‘Bucket List’ so if you run a blog then please post your dreams & goals onto their website via the following Competition  link


Hope to see all your goals there & if you would like some coaching to achieve them please contact me for a free 30 minute taster at www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk 

Make your Bucket List goals come true !

Make your Bucket List goals come true !