Free 1:1 on #IntellectualProperty & legal issues for new businesses in #Sheffield

Spring clean your career with an MBA upgrade !

Spring Clean your new business idea !

The University of Sheffield will be running legal clinics with local renowned law firm hlw Keeble Hawson free to anyone and everyone working in or with a small business in Sheffield, even if you’re thinking of starting your own…

You can book for the first event on Feburary 13th with a talk on Intellectual Property Law and Commercial Law from a legal representative plus a chance for a cup of tea and a chat with others in the small business sector. If you’re in need of some 1:1 time with a legal representative then half hour appointments are available in complete confidence.

Please contact the Innovation Centres team for more information or book a place through eventbrite.

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10 Tips for Parents to help your kids with Exam Stress

1 Keep out of their face ! Make sure your kids know you are rooting for them whatever their results are , and support them by keeping calm.


2 Don’t panic . Avoid hovering around them and looking agitated. When you drop them off at school , or when they are leaving the house .. well beforehand ask if they everything they need, and just be quiet, ask if there is anything they need .

3 Prepare well in advance … get the exam timetable , revision guides etc at the start of the academic year . Make sure your kids understand what’s expected of them ,and how to revise … its not just writing out endless notes.

4 Have lots of revision treats to hand  Healthy  ( raisins, carrots, dried fruit, bananas,juice water ) & less healthy ( haribos, sugar free gum ). Carbohydrates ie good comforting pasta meals are good for revision .

5 Don’t nag. Tidy up around them subtly removing mugs and plates etc .. a bit of tidying to keep their room or revision space dcluttered.

6 Try and find a quiet space in your home for their revision… or grandparents /relatives home. Its great if they can revise away from their bedroom so they have a nice school free space to relax in. There’s always the school library, local library you ccan use.

7 Bribes !!  Not everyone agrees with this .. ask your kids what would motivate them… maybe a meal out afterwards, a small payment for each exams  etc .I asked mine to tell me first and was pleasantly surprised at how modest their requests were !! One child was motivated by £5 per O level. However treat them whatever happens as you don’t want to add ‘performance ‘ stress.

8 Get a spare calculator and batteries ready… make sure you have enough printer ink & comfy biros   in case of pre exam panics

9 Get the exam timetable  .. don’t book annoying trips to relatives ,or holidays during revision & exams or force kids to go  … ask your employer to let you use your flexitime /leave  so you can drop off or be there if your child is particularly anxious.

10 Read some great advice, with links to good websites  for parent and kids on the Derbyshire County Council website

Finally praise your kids …its not true that exams used to be harder in your time… some A levels cover what would be degree level work in the past !!

If your child finds it hard to be motivated or plan ,then book them some coaching !!

Phone me on 07971 881251 t book a free 30 minute taster.Image

My Top 3 Inspiring Women and what they can teach us ! Get Inspired !

Life coaching is something that people often choose to help them improve their work-life or life-life balance. My recent work includes coaching people around…

Sheffield Life Coach

  • returning to work after children start school or university
  • achieving a healthy lifestyle
  • juggling caring responsibilities
  • working more or less hours
  • de-cluttering or completing a project at home or work
  • choosing a new career or relationship
  • starting a new business
  • dealing positively with stress or issues at work
  • making an opportunity out of redundancy
  • planning successful retirement or downsizing

One question I ask people is

-who has inspired you ?

-what do you admire about them ?

Often this helps people describe things they would like to change or improve !

So here are 3 of the women that have inspired me and my coaching  business !

Jess Ennis The Sheffield Heptathlete

Jess inspires from an enormous poster in Barkers Pool Sheffield

Jessica Ennis, CBE is a British track and field athlete specialising in multi-eventing disciplines and 100 metres hurdles. A member of the City of Sheffield Athletic Club, she is the current Olympic heptathlon champion. She has inspired me to persevere and keep focussed. She has managed to be a brilliant athlete whilst still completing a psychology degree and keeping her feet on the Sheffield ground ! She is a great role model as she keeps fit, exercises and keeps healthy. She is also not ‘stick thin’ and is proud of her athletic body shape. She inspires young women to keep healthy , and be proud of their appearance , in a positive  way. Her coach Dr Steve Peters wrote a book called ‘The Chimp Paradox’ which helps people control the ‘distracting chimp’ part of their personality ,and re focus on the goal ahead. Jess has benefited from this approach and I have used it with my coachees !  Jess is the living proof that the approach can work !

Coaching has given her

  • More energy and bounce!
  • Improved focus and sense of direction
  • Improved self confidence
  • More self awareness and knowledge of strengh
  • Perseverance
  • More motivation
  • More resilience

Karren Brady

Inspirational women

Inspiring Apprentices

Karren Brady inspires me because she has shown that its possible to combine career, motherhood and passion for your interests ,like football . Eeek , football.. its great to see her success in what was then a very male dominated management structure . She started work at 18,and became a company director at only 22. At 24 she was put in charge of Birmingham City football club, and then became the youngest MD of any UK PLC when the club floated on the AIM market. Phew … she seems so calm and takes everything in her stride. Her story of not giving up, and believing that she could succeed in whatever she did makes her a great role model. She appears on the Apprentice and dispenses her comments and ‘tips’ to viewers as she goes along. I often get my coachees to watch the Apprentice as homework, and observe ‘positive and motivating behaviours ‘.

Clare Balding

Inspirational  Women

Inspirational Women

Beginning her broadcasting career in 1994 on Radio 2, Clare Balding began work as a presenter and journalist working on BBC 5Live and Radio 2 presenting sport. She is inspirational as she was an authority on horse racing , in a male dominated world, and drew respect for her knowledge and quality of her commentating and expertise.

She is inspirational as she appears to effortlessly commentate on key events , but with a very personable and human touch. She is a good role model for young people showing how you can be professional and not pushy .Her career has gone from strength to strength, now making her a key figure in the sporting world after presenting and reporting from a range of Olympic and Paralympic Games, BBC Rugby League coverage and several Grand Nationals. She has shown that women can aspire to achieve acclaim and awards including Sports Presenter of the Year, Racing Journalist of the Year and Racing Broadcaster of the Year in 2003.

I love writing and Clare shows what can be achieved having  columns in The Observer, Evening Standard and The Sporting Life, as well completing  her autobiography . It shows what you can do if you put your mind to it.

So if you want to see what Inspirational women can teach you in both work and life then coaching is an excellent way to discover what you want to change and make a plan to get there.

You could also go to hear one of these women talk about their personal experiences in one of their motivational talks. Clare Balding not only does her broadcasting work , but also does presentations , inspirational talks and hosts at conferences. Both Clare and Karren Brady appear to talk about their experiences and passion for the work they do . They are signed up to

You can also book a 30 minute free coaching taster by contacting me on 07971 881251 or

Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield

What can I do to enjoy my job more ?

Career Coaching in Sheffield

Career Coaching Sheffield - achive your goals!

“I want to do something different, but I just don’t know what”

“I have to apply for a new job, but it’s been years since I last did it. Help!”

I can help you identify and plan a career change, whether it is something you have always wanted to do but never quite got around to, or maybe you need to do urgently in the current economic climate. Perhaps you need to make the transition from the public to the private sector.

How can career coaching help?

I provide:

  • An initial Life Coaching session to help you plan what you really want to change
  • A ‘Mini Money Makeover ‘which helps you assess and plan what resources you have to make your plans reality
  • One to One Career planning session with one of my Associate qualified and experienced Careers advisors

This will help you:

  • Identify possible careers paths and opportunities
  • Update and improve your CV and job search skills
  • Tap into all the latest resources on Careers and Business
  • Practice interviews and presentations
  • Update your image
  • Boost your confidence and motivation to get that job!
  • Improve your networking skills
  • Build your new networks
  • Use social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Face book to market your skills

I have over 20 years management and HR experience and have recruited individuals, set up new teams, and commissioned consultants both in the public and private sector. I believe everyone has the capacity to excel. As a Life coach I know that uncovering and harnessing someone’s motivation to change is key to them making a successful choice of future job or career. Over the years I have also made it my challenge to encourage, mentor and develop many trainees into full time careers in Housing and other fields.

Read my coaching testimonials

Give your CV a Professional Makeover

A well crafted CV can make all the difference. My experienced associate CV writer’s collaborative approach will ensure that your CV effectively highlights achievements and demonstrates potential to help you secure that all important job interview. Get a PDF and fully updatable word version of your new CV: £80.

Come and join the netwalkers in Sheffield !!

       2012-12-14 12.06.46 (Small).jpg

Net-walkers get their skates on!

Sorry I cannot make the next couple of walks but why don’t YOU go along to these netwalks to get you and your business FIT for 2113 !! You can contact me on 07971 881251 or book my coaching via

Sheffield’s popular FREE Net-walking group, which celebrated its first successful year in October, issues a warm New Year welcome to entrepreneurs and employees everywhere to make a fresh start in the fresh air on Friday 18 January.

Marketing and PR specialist and keen walker Faye Smith of Keep your Fork and Lucy Lippolis of Sparkles Parties and Events run Net-walking events to offer fresh ideas and encouragement. “Our 100 members love it so much they come whatever the weather throws at them”, laughs Sheffield-born Faye. “Net-walkers are so committed, Sandra Nundy of Essentially Healthy trekked right across the city on tram and foot to make the last Net-walk which fell on icy ‘Black Friday’. Despite everything stopping, a hard core turned up to drink hot chocolate then slide around Endcliffe Park until sense prevailed. We now have over a hundred members who come to share experiences, trade expertise and get fit, all while making valuable new business contacts.”

Jane Stammers has recently joined Net-walking and looks forward to the monthly gatherings. Jane, who is based out at Hillsborough and is establishing a speciality fruit cake business called ‘Tipple Tails’ following a career in the corporate food world, commented, “from the moment I turned up to my very first Net-walk, I immediately felt welcomed and supported. I brought a cake with me to share and everyone said how delicious and moist it was. I took several orders on the spot and have already gained some invaluable contacts and leads for suppliers and retailers. It’s fun, free and fruitful! I would recommend anyone to come along and give Net-walking a try.”

The next FREE Fresh Air Friday net-walk 9am on Friday 18 January, about 3 miles up the Porter Valley and back from Endcliffe Park Café, returning to the café for a well-deserved optional drink on completion. Entrepreneurs, experts and employees welcome! Meet at the café at 9am, rain or shine with suitable clothing, footwear and business cards.

The next walk will be on the usual third Friday of the month, Friday 15 February.

To book or for more details, contact Faye Smith at Keep your Fork marketing consultancy or check our Facebook page, NetWalking Sheffield

Telephone: 07985 038265 email:



Thanks to everyone who voted for me in this National Awards scheme !

I was 2nd to Durham Business Service    in the helping people turn their  ‘Hobby to small business ‘ category , in the whole UK !!

CONGRATULATIONS!! The Winner and Runner Up for the Best “Hobby to Business” Support in the What’s On 4 Me 2012 Awards are:

WINNER – East Durham Business Service County Durham
RUNNER UP – Karen Perkins Life Coach Sheffield South Yorkshire

What’s On 4 Me – What’s On 4 Me Awards

Our What’s On 4 Me Awards recognise the enormous effort of our local individuals and businesses who organise our local activities. Winners are voted for by the general public around the UK.

For more info about my coaching,and to turn your Hobby into a small business ( or even a BIG business !) contact me at

Can you develop your creative thinking more ?

Discovered that my skill has a name ,and its not eccentric ! Its called GPT or generic parts tendancy. Its a way to think of solutions for problems ‘out of the box’ or defeating functional fixedness ! That means my wacky ideas for solving problems are really a way of revealing ideas of genius hidden from view by normal thinking !! Go Anthony McCaffrey , who came up with the theory to Unlock your creativity !!

Or book some Lifecoaching or business coaching to ‘freeup ‘ the creativity within you !!


Did you start a business then have a Baby or 2 ? MBA research request

I Janita ,am looking to speak to micro business owners who have set up their business first and and then started a family maybe 2-3 years after. Ideally the oldest child would be now about 3 years old ( as small babies may not be that demanding really! ) or not older than primary school as people forget. I am researching the changes in business and personal priorities that family may cause. I am looking to speak to 5 male & 5 female entrepreneurs in total. Can you think of anyone who would fit in and who would be happy to be interviewed for MBA research?


Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards,
Janita Maaranen
Managing Director
Into Professional Ltd
Mobile: +44 (0)7762 141950!/IntoPro
Skype: janita.m.

New fund to invest at least £40m in UK companies

17 April 2012 10:30

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills   (National)

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

The Government has today launched a new Enterprise Capital Fund that will invest at least £40m in high-growth potential small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.

The new fund – Notion Capital – is the eleventh, and largest, Enterprise Capital Fund and £62.9m has already been committed to it from the first funding round. This includes substantial commitments from private investors, the Government and the European Investment Fund (EIF). The Notion Capital fund will target emerging, high-growth cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.

Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk said:

“It is absolutely vital that ambitious small firms can access the finance they need to expand and grow, and this new Enterprise Capital Fund will provide at least £40m of funding to viable UK high-tech businesses.

“Notion Capital is the largest Enterprise Capital Fund to date and will help a significant number of firms to grow and create jobs, boosting our economy.”

Enterprise Capital Funds were established to address a market weakness in the provision of equity finance to SMEs. Government money is used alongside private sector funds to establish overall funds that target investments in SMEs of up to £2m.

Rory Earley, CEO of Capital for Enterprise Limited said:

“We have been very impressed by the ability of the Notion Capital team to bring to bear their extensive entrepreneurial and operational experience to enhance the businesses in which they invest.

“We are delighted that the team has reached first close with £62.9m in investor commitments. This result demonstrates the strength of the Enterprise Capital Fund programme and in particular the attractiveness of the Notion Capital fund.”

John Holloway, Director Transaction and Relationship Management at the European Investment Fund said:

“A key aim of EIF is to support emerging fund managers in their development towards established market participants. With a first closing at £62.9m, EIF is not alone in recognising the merits of Notion Capital’s strategy underpinned by their demonstrated ability to create value in their target market”.

Notion Capital has a pan-European focus and will invest at least £40m in the UK, which means that the total investment guaranteed for UK companies is higher than for any previous Enterprise Capital Fund.

The Government has committed a total of £200m to the Enterprise Capital Fund programme in the four years up until 2014/15, and further funds will be announced in due course.

Notes to editors:

  1. Notion Capital brings together a team of five experienced and successful entrepreneurs from the information technology sector. The team first established Notion Capital Partners as an FSA regulated organisation in 2008 following the sale of their former business MessageLabs, an email security company.
  1. Notion Capital will target investment into internet-based services, which covers a range of areas including cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as other business models which utilise the internet in their service offering.
  1. BIS’s online newsroom contains the latest press notices, speeches, as well as video and images for download. It also features an up to date list of BIS press office contacts. See for more information.


NDS Enquiries
Phone: For enquiries please contact the issuing dept

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Can you help City Hearts as a business mentor says Colleen Brownlee

Hi Ladies,  says Colleen Brownlee,    Hope all well with yourselves.

I am e-mailing to let you know of a great project that City Hearts have linked with and a great opportunity for our women to be part of.

As you know we work with women that are vulnerable. There is a project based in London called the Hera project. The Hera project put on a two week course in London for women that have been rescued from Human trafficking who are wanting to learn entrepreneurial skills to either set up their own business or help with finding a suitable job. The course also promotes self esteem and confidence. The course is very successful in London.

We are hoping that this time next year Hera will be in South Yorkshire. Hera are wanting our women to attend the course in London this summer. We have around 5 women that will be taking part.

The reason we are mailing is to see if you would be interested in being a mentor. Please see mail below, if you are interested we will be setting up a meeting for anyone that would like to know information.

The commitment would be, attending the course in London for two days training in June. Being a mentor to a woman that you can encourage and support in finding work, support in advising her set up her own business.

Let me know if you or anyone else would be interested.



Colleen Brownlee

Project Manager


Click here to buy something from the City Hearts Wish List (provided by Amazon)


City Hearts, PO Box 4285, Sheffield, S2 9BE

t: 0114 213 2042 | f: 0114 276 9248| |