Sweet #netwalking in New Mills with@dalesandpeak

Today Dales and Peak Network went on an #entrepreneurs walk in New Mills, in the High Peak. We started at Swizzels Matlow , where Nici Matlow , HR manager of the family owned business SwizzelsMatlow gave us a talk on the history of the companies , and lots of sweet tasters . Despite being a family member, Nici had to spend 18 months on the shop floor , plus a Uni degree before she joined Swizzels HR.  The company started in Hackney London in the 30’s, relocated to New Mills in the war, and never left.In the 40’s they moved into an old textile mill. They helped the war effort by making water purification tablets. In the 50’s Parma Violets were invented.Originally they were breath fresheners . In 1954 Love Hearts came about.

They have a top secret machine to do messages on the Love hearts.Love Hearts are global, imagine 100 tonnes a week ! Then the double sherbet lolly..another first. Swizzels are famous for their firsts.
In 1975 a new factory extension arrived. The Swizzels sherbet sugar & Matlows jelly & chews merged. They built a new products & innovations team. In 2001 the online shop arrived, plus #squashies . They continually innovate , using natural colours & healthy mixes where possible.
What does Success look like ?
A lesson to all employers … Swizzels say
1 Success is all about their people , empowering & developing them. Staff are fully involved in creating an inspiring vision & future direction. All staff get the opportunity for regular training plus self guided learning in the Refresher room. When I arrived at the gatehouse I was greeted & welcomed by staff, signposted to the walk start, and everyone that arrived at the desk while I was there received the same genuine helpful friendly service. How does your business appear to new visitors & the outside world ?
2 Provide continuous development including Coaching for your staff.
3 Communicate your Vision, make it a shared vision & encourage participation.
4 Encourage staff to be involved in continuous improvement of business process & direction.
5 Involve staff in the selection & implementation of new technology so they can see how it will benefit them, by removing boring processes, keeping their jobs more interesting & not threatening their jobs.Its a pleasure to be consulted when you are not worried about your job!
6 Work with the local community ,schools, groups to promote jobs, support community sustainability & pride.

After the talk we walked along Torrs Gorge & on the Millennium walkway along to the canal and back into New Mills . We swapped business ideas & discussed all the tips from Swizzels, plus of course eating the odd sweet ! Join our next @dalesandpeak  walk on 26th April starting from venue TBC in Hathersage.

Email me for details coachmekp@gmail.com Best wishes Karen Perkins . Follow me on Twitter or Instagram @fabcoach Book a free coaching taster to see how I can help you re balance your work life ! www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk


Back to School with #Sheffield Clandestine Cake club !

Cakes reminding us of back to School memories were in the lesson plan for our meeting at the Victorian Barlborough Primary school near Sheffield .

We had a few brilliant tips post cake to share too
– Buy powdered egg white on Amazon ( health and fitness section ) .. great for meringues
– use dried strawberries in sponges for intense flavour
– Fab blog called Eat Your Books reviews new cook books

Blackberry Crumble cake by Debs . These blackberries were foraged as Debs is a Forest School practitioner, and will be teaching the Sheffield club about foraging. In 2015 ..we will be having a themed event on (safe) foraged ingredients for our cakes .


Gin & Tonic cake with Creme Fraiche by Helen, reminding her of the restorative effect of Gin and Tonic.. but also of the pitfalls to teenagers of drinking gin … as she experienced at school as a teen !


Back to School sponge by Karen … proving a well known fact that cakes do not always come out perfectly, but fondant icing can render any wonky sponge perfect ! Victoria sponge with orange butter cream ,and rose petal jam filling with organic Dolly Mixture ( who knew such delicacies existed !)


Victoria sponge by Karen W , which really reminded her of after school teas, her mum made a cake alternate weeks Victoria sponge then Chocolate sponge. She reminisced about school chocolate sponge pudding with pink custard . The cake was a tribute to the baking of her mum , who sadly suffers from dementia ,but still enjoys her cake.


Christines Blackberry & Lemon Curd loaf. This reminded her of picking blackberries with her mum on the way home from school.


Thanks to the school who hosted us so magnificently & we raised £20.00 for Macmillan cancer charities from the entrance fee.



Here are our lovely bakers, a bit blurry .. butt that would be the sugar rush from all the delicious cakes .

Next Meeting is Oct 18th 3 till 5 in Sheffield … Theme Internationale Cakes http://clandestinecakeclub.co.uk/ccc-events/sheffield-cake-internationale-cakes-from-around-the-world/

Book via @fabcoach or coachmekp@gmail.com


How to get your body beach ready with Confidence !

I have just written some tips for a fantastic beachwear co called South Beach Swim Co http://instagram.com/southbswim#

All about getting ready for summer , with foodie tips from Clare Shepherd from NewLifeNutrition in Sheffield .

Here is the blogpost  … follow this link ! http://www.southbeachofficial.com/wp/news/the-ultimate-guide-to-prepping-your-body-for-the-beach/

Have a great Spring and Summer ! Follow me on Twitter @fabcoach https://twitter.com/fabcoach

Best wishes Karen



Pure Pilates Newsletter ..guesting at Fabcoach !!

Pure Pilates Newsletter

Hi All
Hope you had a lovely jubilee weekend, we had a great afternoon tea party spent with family and friends, cucumber sandwiches, victoria sponge and pimms (The studio is a fab place for parties and well as pilates!).
In this weeks newsletter we have a guest article from Life Coach Karen Perkins, exercise of the week and about back pain.

Still got a few places left on the beginners sessions for next week, so if you’ve got a relative/friend or colleague thats been talking about starting classes nows a great time for them to do it so pass on this newsletter or get them to email me on-


Monday 11am
Tuesday 6.15pm
Wednesday 5.45pm
Wednesday 7pm
Friday 11am
Exercise of the Week
Cat Stretch, to mobilise the spine and stretch the back muscles.
Start with the weight evenly placed on the points on the floor, hands and knees, the spine is in it’s natural position (no sinking). Breathe in and breathe out curving/rounding the spine up to the ceiling like a cat, hold position as you breathe in, breathe out and return to start position. Repeat 6/8 times.
If this movement causes increasing pain please stop and check at class, the back may feel stiff but should ease out the more repetitions you do. (note to self, must get some new photos taken with the correct hair cut!).

About Back Pain

Back pain can impact on many things that you would normally do.
Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to lower the chances of disabling back pain and reduce the impact that back pain may have on your life.

If you, accidentally, cut your finger with a knife, you experience pain. This pain signal is triggered in the cells of the tissue in your finger that are being damaged by the sharp knife. Although unpleasant, the pain is actually a useful response from your body since it alerts you that your finger is damaged and you need to take action to prevent further damage and/or ensure recovery from the damage. This is called acute pain. Similarly, when you sprain a muscle in your back, you will feel a sudden jolt of pain. Again this pain signal warns you need to take action in order to recover or prevent further damage.However, persistent back pain is very different from the above examples. Persistent pain no longer acts as a warning signal and it does not refer to any tissue damage. The warning system goes into overdrive and sends out repeated pain signals, which are not needed or are out of proportion. The pain signals in persistent pain, also called chronic pain, no longer serve a useful purpose. But nevertheless you experience pain and it is virtually impossible to distinguish the useful pain signals from the disruptive pain signals. However knowing that persistent pain is often not a warning signal, means that you can respond differently to the pain.
While you may think that rest is best when experiencing pain, for persistent back pain it is actually much better to stay active. 
Knowing that your pain does not mean that any structures in your back have been seriously damaged can take away some of the concerns you may have about using your back while in pain.

5 Reasons to choose Life Coaching! 

1 Life coaching is all about helping you uncover what you really want to achieve or change; getting a plan of action that suits you, and then actually DOING it!!!  A career change, a new relationship after divorce  , or de-stressing your life .

2 Together we look at what really gets you going … and build your confidence and motivation to make things happen!

3 Taking a ‘whole life ‘ approach to your Career , Business and Life   helps you get everything back into balance . We identify your personal barriers’ to change…. You would be surprised what we uncover, and get resolved. One client was frustrated at work, because they hated handing over their children to their ex before they went off to the office, and they carried that with them at work. We worked on ‘choosing a different approach’, practiced it, and they put it into action, and couldn’t wait to report back how empowered they felt, and how their confidence at work had increased, through dealing with that situation.

4 It’s all done ‘in confidence ‘so it’s a great way to explore your options and choices. My Career Planning helps you ‘use your existing job as a launch pad ‘helping you minimising the risk to your current job of any changes or new business ventures you may consider, especially in the current economic climate.

5 You will feel more positive, in control, happy, able to make better choices, less stressed, and learn to look after yourself and really enjoy life to the full!

5 Reasons to choose me!!

1         My professional experience. I have a degree level Diploma in Coaching and mentoring , and have been coaching , mentoring ,motivating and managing teams and individuals for over 20 years

2         I am innovative, creative and like to find the newest techniques, and info , and they are all tailored to you ! Some businesses reclaim the cost of my staff development coaching as CPD , check with your accountant ! You also take away a plan, and lots of new skills to take forward and use again!

3         Value for money! I have worked in the private, public and voluntary sector so I can signpost you to lots of free and interesting resources to complement your coaching!!  I met Jeni , and her fab Pilates service through wellness networking and on Twitter , as i like to know who to recommend to clients !! Oh and I like walking !  https://www.facebook.com/pages/NetWalking-Sheffield/188044874605668

4         My happy clients      please see my  testimonials   http://www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk/coaching-testimonials.html

5         I hope I am positive, supportive and practical, so alongside my coaching, I can offer many practical skills like social media confidence coaching, a professional CV service, and mentor support if you want to start a new business or career direction.

For a free 30 minute telephone or personal consultation about how Life Coaching could help you please contact me on 07971 881251  or through my website www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk   via the Contact Karen page .

I look forward to meeting you !




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 Look forward to seeing you all back at pilates next week,in the meantime…..

Spine long, back strong…..

Jeni and Pure Pilates girls x

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