10 Emerging HR Trends

Jobseekers, have you looked at the current trends in recruitment recently? Take control of your own personal development & career path, as it’s expected now. This article outlines the trends . Book a free career coaching taster http://www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk careers

T Recs

A lot of the HR and Recruitment commentary I see focuses on skills shortages and hiring difficulties, with concerns over attraction, retention and development. This often overlooks some of the many nuanced changes and developments in a number of HR processes that impact the day-to-day employment experience, all encouraging a shift in mindset and behaviours. Technology is often at the heart of these, either enabling and facilitating, or encouraging much of the evolution.

During the last twelve months or so I’ve written about many new recruitment and HR trends in reports and on other sites. These are 10 in particular that I think important:

  • Performance Management becoming a richer, more agile process focusing on continual development and coaching rather than annual reviews and school report style grades and assessments; moving from measurement to improvement
  • Leadership Development not restricted to early identified high potentials or specific job titles but becoming open…

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My art holiday in Sheffield

This year I had an unexpectedly brilliant 2 weekends on Art Holiday in Sheffield with @arpzen . We followed the Open Up Sheffield festival brochure , and discovered that the biannual  Art Sheffield event coincided. This is the pictorial story & highlights of my art discovery over 5 days and 17 miles of walking across Sheffield & the Peak District. The most interesting facts I discovered were

  • Sheffield has the highest number of artists per Km sq in the UK, outside of London
  • You can rent studio share space from as little as £57 a month incl heating
  • Its easy to just start up as an artist or creative in small steps
  • Sheffield artists open up their studios with tea & cake & arty insights
  • I can still throw a pot after 25 years !!
kristen baggeley open up sea pic

Kristen Baggeley Cornwall

open up  lyn littlewood Outseats hathersage

Lynn Littlewood Outseats Hathersage


Fenella Nobles chicken wire creatures

open up sue lancaster

Sue Lancaster Stitchedup & Fleeced

Open Up Muriel Design @murieldesign

Bloc Studios S1 Muriel Design @murieldesign

the holt open up

The Holt Cafe next to Biggins Bros

street art open up opp the holt

Street art  opp. the Holt 156 Arundel St Sheffield

Kristen Baggeley open up

Kristen Baggeley

kristen baggeley open up sea pic

Kristen Baggeley #soldtome 

Bricks best Portland Works

Bricks  Portland Works

Bank St Arts open up sheffield

Bank St Arts Cafe

gairloch by John Wilkinson Kiac open up

Gairloch by John Wilkinson KIAC Kelham Island Arts Co-Op

Gordon Snee open up Kiac

Gordon Snee & Dtr KIAC

dave akehurst openup sheffield

Dave Akehurst KIAC Openup Sheffield

Joel Wilde Open up kiac

Joel Wilde Open up KIAC

joel wilde open up kiac

Joel Wilde  KIAC

KIAC gallery open up

KIAC gallery AT Open Up Life drawing Exhibition


cads #cool

portmeor cornwall

Porthmeor Cornwall R Bowden CADS

stanage katherine rhodes open up

Stanage Katherine Rhodes

K Rhodes Kinder open up

K Rhodes Kinder

Mark Hedley Wilson Manchester open up

Mark Hedley Wilson  Manchester #iwantit

Phew and those were only a few highlights . We also visited Exchange Place, Persistence works, Bloc Studio, Bank St Arts, CADS but in the spirit of Open Up we were invited into over 20 artists, sculptors, jewellery makers & photographers  homes & studios to talk about their work, what inspired them & see their work in progress. I learned masses about how to start up as an artist or creative . I will be doing a pottery throwing course too. There are hundreds of people making original art in Sheffield, tucked away ! Make sure you visit @openupsheffield 2017 next year & buy the programme which has full details of all the artists & where to buy their work .

Art is inspiring & relaxing … combined with walking around Sheffield in the sunshine we felt like we had been to another place on holiday. Plus 2 fabulous breakfasts at Couch Campo Lane & Gerties Walkley .

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Designing Healthcare through Art & Design.

You ain't got no Picasso, yo?!

Medicine develops so fast, especially radiotherapy. But one of the areas we’ve not caught up with and developed  is the design of healthcare. I know what you’re thinking. What’s art & design got to do with anything in healthcare, really? And if you’re thinking this – this basically uncovers one of the reasons why design is an issue – because no one is thinking about it.

Last year I made the first Radiotherapy Patient Information Smartphone app. RADcare. Just me. I drew it out on paper – big sheets of A3, pages and pages – in the library and in Starbucks, I read paper after paper on patient informational needs, scoped out what is already out there, thought about the pathway and critically reflected my time as a patient and doing first-day chats on clinical placement. After being a patient (not a radiotherapy one) I’ve always felt that patient information…

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Tips for planning your transition to full retirement

Although the idea of not having to work anymore can be exciting (and something you might have been looking forward to for many years!), for some it can be a mixed blessing. The change from being in work to being retired presents many different feelings, ranging from panic and boredom to sheer joy at having time available to do what you want. As with all big life changes, retirement can take a lot of adjusting to and it’s quite common to feel unsure about this new chapter in your life. I wrote some tips for  Sheffield financial planners.


12314009-retirement square

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Get your Social media sorted for 2016

If you want to use Social media more for your Biz but find it overwhelming , book a social media makeover or digital detox with me. Free audit , plus posting to help you manage your time & free up your creativity. Book via www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk

just do it 2

just do it 2

10 Top Tips for a ‪#‎stressfree‬ Christmas !

10 Top Tips for a ‪#‎stressfree‬ Christmas !

by Karen Perkins

1 Xmas has not happened yet so you still have a CHOICE about how you are going to enjoy it ! What would you really like to change this year to improve it ?

2 Pick your most annoying relative of friend. Choose to be nice to them this year ! See what happens !

3 Buy yourself a secret santa present ,that you really love . Place it under the tree as your treat on Xmas day !

4 Go and help someone else instead eg the Archer project. ( google for ideas near you !!)

5 Book yourself a de-cluttering session and take it to a charity shop..help others

6 Or teach yourself to sell things on e-bay, and start a way boost your income in the new year !!

7 Go and hide in a deep ,warm bubbly bath !

8 Play hide and seek and have a snooze whilst waiting …kids love this !!

9 When it all gets too much walk round the block , twice if you have too ,it really relaxes you !

10 Invite the neighbours kids round on Christmas eve ,and keep your pets or kids entertained !

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Snow Shoes

5 Top Productivity Tips

1 Make a list at the end of each working day of 3 work things you will do first thing in the morning

2 Switch on your laptop, check e mails, social media & phone for any mega urgents & flag them.

3 Minimise the screen after 15 minutes max

4 Complete your 3 to do’s & cross them off the list

5 Reward yourself with a coffee & pat on the back.

Enjoy the rest of your productive day.

just do it 2

just do it 2

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Carob at Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club

imageBaking with Carob at our July meeting. The challenge was to learn how to bake with carob and I made a carob, honey and walnut cake using carob syrup. here is the write up I did for the Clandestine Cake Club


The cake I made had deep rich flavour and an almost treacly taste. #Yummy The carob was supplied by @savvyspreads in Sheffield.

Visit the Clandestine Cake Club website to join the Sheffield group . We meet monthly and new members are always welcome … Come by yourself … We are very friendly !

Contact me Karen Perkins via coachmekp@gmail.com or via @fabcoach on Twitter

Aziz Ansari on His New Book and How Texting Is Ruining Our Relationships

Book some dating coaching if you want to find out how to use tech to meet your dream partner.. but want to avoid being distracted by your social media activity & too much texting !!


The series finale of Parks and Recreation aired just a week ago, but comedian Aziz Ansari is already busy with new projects. His second Netflix stand-up comedy special, Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden, premieres Friday, and his upcoming book Modern Romance, an academic study of modern romance peppered with his brand of humor, hits shelves June 16.

While every other comedian — from Tina Fey to Amy Poehler — is writing a memoir, Ansari decided he’d team up with a sociologist to conduct studies on love in the age of technology for his first title. The comedian revealed his book cover exclusively to TIME and chatted about his research, his stand-up and the end of Parks and Rec.

TIME: A lot of people were surprised when you announced that as a comedian you were writing a book that takes a more academic look at modern…

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